Monday, October 13, 2008

Defending Our Lives

If you are involved in related or work with a person who you know is involved in a domestic violence relationship; "Defending Our Lives" assists those in basic easy to understand language
to safely get out of the situation.

Like our fingerprints no two cases of domestic violence are the same. They are as specific as your own DNA.

The abuser has a game plan, and so must you.

I did n0t author some book on the subject. I lived it.

Although my mother was murdered by my father a Chicago Violent Crimes Detective, the insight and knowledge over the years since their deaths has saved thousands of lives. And there is even information for those married to law enforcement.

The book is available on

The workbook titled "Moving out Moving On" when a relationship goes wrong will help you in keeping your information safe while you prepare to leave. And when you have to legally take steps to divorce or you are in a custody battle this is a great roadmap.

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Domestic Violence Series by Chicago Tribune:,0,3978483.story

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