Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Every Parent Must Do Before Taking Kids Out On Halloween!

The chaos, candy and costumes that are all a part of the Halloween joy and hysteria are here once again. As a mother of three and a young-at-heart baby boomer, few people have cherished the rituals of this unusual and downright bizarre holiday more than me. However, it's not all fun and candy.

The Franks Foundation is urging every parent in America to check their local sex offender registry before taking theirchildren trick-or-treating. It goes without saying that children should never be allowed to go out alone by themselves on any night, particularly this one.

Checking their local sex offender registry before the annual night of trick-or-treating is one more quick but important step that parents can take to ensure theirchildren's safety. The Franks Foundation recommends the nationwide sex offender registry at; It will take less than five minutes of your time and is absolutely free.

While you're at it, you can sign up for free email notifications
whenever a convicted sexual predator moves into your community.

Aren't your kids worth it? The Franks Foundation thinks so!

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