Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Slain Officer Brian Evans: Justice Interrupted Mansfield,Ohio

By Susan Murphy Milano


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Time: 8 PM /PST 10 PM /CST 11 PM/EST

Call -In Number to the Show: 914-338-0663

CASES:1. Rachel Conger missing since March of 2008.Links for Rachel: Bring Rachel Home and Juror 132.

Lilly Aramburo Case missing since June of 2007.Links for Lilly: Justice in Miami

Special Guest:We will speak with the Trina Evans, widow of slain Law Enforcement Officer Brian Evans who lost his life on Christmas night, nine months ago in Mansfield Ohio. The Officer was killed during a domestic argument with his brother Larry Evans who also shot and killed another man and injured others. Trina Evans will join us to discuss the explosive events that continue in a case where justice has clearly been covered up, burried and interrupted. We will bring you breaking news in today's court decision. Here is an overview of the case:

Your Turn:If you have a case you would like the Justice Interrupted team to investigate or highlight the case of a family member or friend who have been silenced by the legal system or, you are too afraid to ask for help in an unsolved murder or crime relating to a loved one we are an email away.


Maggie said...

The show was great. Interesting, it had a good rythum. I know its only going to get better& better.

God Keep you safe, Lord knows you need it.

Anonymous said...

When do you sleep?!! Great show!! You were all very good. Also enjoyed the thought for the day by Robin. I appreciate the good advice from such great professionals!

Anonymous said...


You can see the clip of Lilly's story on Nancy Grace here!

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