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Crime Radio Network: September 2, 2008

By Susan Murphy-Milano

Justice Interrupted Crime Radio Network:
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time: 8 PM /PST 10 PM /CST 11 PM/EST

Call -In Number to the Show: 914-338-0663

This week's show we will highlight the Case of Rachel Conger missing since March of 2008.

Links for Rachel

The Lilly Aramburo Case missing since June of 2007.

Links for Lilly: and

We will speak the Trina Evans wife and widow of a Law Enforcement Officer Brian Evans murdered in Mansfield Ohio Christmas night just 9 months ago. Listen as we provide breaking new developments in this case.

If you have a case you would like the Justice Interrupted team to
investigate or highlight the case of a family member or friend who have been silenced by the legal system or, you are too afraid to ask for help in an unsolved murder or crime relating to a loved one we are an email away.
Justice Interrupted Crime Information

Do you have a friend or a loved one who is missing or has vanished without a trace?

If a friend or relative is missing or vanished and you believe they have meet with foul play:

Was the person going through a divorce?
Did they end an abusive relationship?
Was there a custody dispute?
Did they file or have a court order of protection?
Were they being stalked by a former lover or spouse?
Were police ever called to the home?
Was a police report ever filed?
Do you have good reason to suspect the person they were involved in a relationship with harmed your loved one in some way?

Are you having a difficult time getting Law Enforcement to pay attention or investigate the case?

Is your case stalled in missing persons when it should be reviewed by homicide or cold case investigations?

Were you ever told by the person who is missing, vanished or murdered, "if something ever happens to me it was this specific person who is responsible?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may be able to assist you and or bring attention to a specific case.

Initial Inquiry

Please send your inquiry to

Include: your name;
a valid telephone number
a one page summary of the case
your relationship to this person
if there is an NCIC number please include
the full name, and date of birth of person
the date of the incident or report filed
city and state of case

To send inquiries by mail:

Justice Interrupted
2205 South Wolf Road
Hillside, IL 60162

Information received is kept confidential. Please do not send original documents. Information received cannot be returned and becomes the property of Justice Interrupted upon receipt. We are not responsible for opinions or statements made by guests, experts or others who comment on the Justice Interrupted Crime Radio Network. We do our best to screen guests and investigate cases prior to air-time.

Radio Show Link-

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Justice Interrupted is a blessing to all victims (murder, rape, domestic violence, missing persons) and their families. Together, these women offer a wealth of insight & wisdom in the criminal justice and victims advocacy field. It's not all talk with these crime fighters. No way! They will fight to the bitter end for victims and stop at nothing in seeking justice.

If you're a victim, or simply feeling helpless because of a crime against you or your family, if you're loved one vanished under suspicious circumstances, my advise to you is to contact Justice Interrupted. They will help you. No strings attached.

It's very crucial to spread the word to others. I'll do my best to get this info out there across the internet so that everybody knows about this valuable resource.
Readers, please Stumble this, Bookmark it and share it as much as possible and the Justice Interrupted blog:

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