Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Missing or Murdered? Where is Emillie Hoyt?

By Susan Murphy-Milano

Like most of the unexplained vanishing or missing cases, there are usually facts associated with a case, often missed by law enforcement.

Emiliee Hoyt, pictured about is no different. Prior to her vanishig she had ended an abusive relationship. No surprise, Emillie wanted nothing to do with her former boyfriend.

She was last seen in Ft. Lauderdale early in January of 2006. She had her problems like most young women her age, but she was moving forward. And that did not sit very well with her former boyfriend, who leave's a questionable path in a prior relationship himself. His former girlfriend, is dead. Death_Certificate_Brenda_Matthews.pdf, Emillie_Beach.jpg, Emillie_Police_Report.pdf

Was Emillie Hoyt Murdered?

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Special Guest: Intuitive and Psychic:Successfully, Jillian Maas-Backman works those individuals, friends and family involved or affected by violent crimes. As an Intuitive Life and Safety Professional guiding you through life changing events to achieve a peaceful way of life.Jillian Maas-Backman

Links for missing woman Emillie Hoyt, Florida:http://www.nampn.org/cases/hoyt_emillie.html




Join hosts: Robin Sax, Stacy Dittrich and Susan Murphy-Milano


Myra said...

Susan, thank you or all you do!

Anonymous said...

A New Billboard for Carol Dowless, Missing Since 05
Submitted by WWAY [NC]
on 10 September 2008

On September 5th, 2005, Carol Marie Dowless disappeared. Her family says they saw her the evening of the 4th, but by morning she was gone. All that was found was her car in a pasture in Columbus County.

To help find Carol Marie Dowless, the Cue Center for Missing Persons has spent the last four months raising money to hang up a billboard with Carol's picture on it."

Billboard for missing person built

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