Monday, September 22, 2008

Justice Interrupted Crime Radio-Tuesday September 23, 2008



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Reknown, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer-- David Diamond
to discuss and present this week in crime. We will get the other side of justice interrupted by speaking with Mr. Diamond about his perceptions of cases in the media, how the media effects criminal cases, and how justice is interrupted for defendant's, suspect's and people of interest.

Founder and Executive Director of PAVE--ANGELA ROSE:At the age of seventeen, Angela was abducted at knifepoint while leaving her job at a shopping mall in the suburbs of Chicago. She was taken and then assaulted by a repeat sex offender on parole for murder. Angela was eventually let go by the offender; a bruised and disoriented Rose was then shocked at the treatment of her case by the authorities. All of the anguish that existed during the abduction was immediately replaced by anger and a strong sense of vigilance. Angela worked with the perpetrator's previous victims as well as the community to help enact Illinois Sexually Dangerous Persons Commitment Act in 1998. Upon attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Angela became frustrated by the lack of activism on this crucial issue. Angela then founded the organization PAVE to create education and action surrounding the issues of sexual violence, which was inclusiveness to all individuals and their experiences. As the Executive Director, Angela has cultivated PAVE into a national organization and continues to inspire others to join the movement to end sexual assault by traveling the country and abroad.

Survivor and Advocate Tory Bowen: Survivor of rape who had the courage to speak out about a silent crime. She will discuss how the court system tried to prevent the truth to come out by forcing her to use the word "sex" as opposed to "rape" during a rape trial.

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Carter, Mt Olive said...

Susan the Show was great I really enjoed the firey conversation with everyone on the panel.

Anonymous said...

Very good chemistry and balance

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