Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alec Baldwin: "The New Poster Boy "

Alec Baldwin will be appearing on Good Morning America on 9/24/2008, to discuss his new parenting book released today, by St. Martin's press titled - "A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey through Fatherhood and Divorce.

You may recall the voice mail messsage Alec Baldwin left for his eleven- year old daughter using less than favorable language. It was the call heard across the country.

In one of the reviews it says "don't judge him" ..." Baldwin makes a powerful case for re-exaiming divorce and child custody issue's".

It is obvious Alec Baldwin is the poster boy for "poor parental hostility." I do not agree that this particular book makes a powerful case. Baldwin's phone message did that all by itself. It takes two to conceive a baby. There was a time when Baldwin and his now ex-wife loved one another very much. For whatever reason when the two divorced it became extremely ugly.

The person most effected by the "action and reaction" behavior was their daughter. But, this does not excuse Baldwin's actions, allowing him to conveniently turn the situation around like a wounded warrior. We all heard the voice message, and that cannot be changed.

If Baldwin had written the book discussing divorce and custody issues that plague both mothers and fathers in court houses throughout the country because he had experienced first hand how the courts are unfair in their lack of understanding in these matters, I would appauld his efforts.

Writing this book is like placing butane fluid on an already burning fire.

I will put out a cordial invitation for Alec Baldwin to come on my radio show and discuss his book.

The one "he didn't want to write". But, I highly doubt he will accept.

You can let ABC know your thoughts about Alec Baldwin and PAS, an abuser's favorite legal defense, by posting a comment at


Atlanta said...

He's an angry father. Can't blqame the guy his wife is pretty much a bitch. I do understand your point why not let sleeping "DOGS" sleep.

Anonymous said...

What did his daughter write the forward? St. Martin Press should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this angry abusers book.

Appoxi said...

Family court system is fair and unbiased. Its parents like Alec Baldwin who use the system to try and control and further abuse the other parent. Alec is mad because Kim left him. He wants to control Kim through their daughter. Sick, dangerous person.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break the guy is a monster. I heard him with my own ears. No one talks that way to their own child and then isn't ashamed of their behavior. Unless they're a sociopath! His daughter wrote that because he is a controlling batterer.

HELLO. Does domestic violence ring a bell. Wake up America! This is why it's only been a crime since 1979!

I give his wife great credit for standing up as much as she can against this coward.

I saw the interview I was embarrassed for Diane Sawyer she obviously didn't like being badgered either.

Wake up world this kind of behavior has to be called what it is and told to STOP!! Don't give him anymore ego air time. The man belongs in jail!

Anonymous said...

"thoughtless little pig," "I don't give a damn that you're 12-years-old or 11-years-old, or a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do." "You've made me feel like s**t" and then he threatened her to "straighten your ass out."

A judge found it threatening enough to temporarily suspended Baldwin's visitation rights. IMHO it should have been permanent!

Just incase YA"LL forgot?! He obviously has even as he did his own child's age.

Anyone else in the spot light would have lost his/her job. If he'd spoken that way to an animal we'd be more outraged. Instead we give him airtime?! Please don't forget. The best predictor of the future is the past. He's a time bomb waiting to go off.

Regan said...


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