Monday, July 28, 2008

Burnt Breakfast Anyone?

Early this morning I heard on a Chicago radio station my favorite

"Camp Legal Marshmallow Roaster"

serving folks around the country Drew Peterson burnt breakfast special claiming
his client is being"Tortured by Cops" and this is very "Damaging to the Peterson Children".
It was obvious the lawyer read the post "No More Sweet Dreams" over at Women in Crime Ink.

I hope Kristopher and Thomas Peterson take the advice offered.

So long as they don't change their last name to "Brodsky" they should be fine


Anonymous said...

I have not seen much on the kids-

the lawyer continues to brew &

bitch for the press-he could give

a s*it.

Cargo said...

Brodsky is a large part of the problem. "Birds of an offender flock together"!

Delilah said...

I certainly hope something happens in this case soon to stop the insanity of it.

Delilah said...

What would happen if EVERYONE on all of the forums, blogs and discussion boards contacted the Governor of Illinois' office ....all in one day!?? Do you think he would get the message and sign the Heresay Bill??

Tuesay, July 29.....Please....EVERYONE....make a call, send an email, or both. Just please do it!

Drew goes to court on Wednesday, wouldn't it be great if the bill was signed by then and an arrest was made?

Read below to see how you can make a difference!

217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121

Ask the governor of Illinois to sign the hearsay bill and make this a law!

Spend 10 minutes of your time making the call, writing the note, telling your friends, posting it on forums or blogs or myspace, or just sending it to your email list.

We've all spent so much of our time focused on Drew and Brodsky and Len and Paula and Hosey and Ric Mimms (woo hoo) ..

Stacy, Kathy, Kristopher, Thomas, Anthony, Lacy, they all deserve the effort.

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