Friday, February 29, 2008

Women Like Lisa Stebic Do Not Just Vanish

Lisa Stebic, mother and sister has been missing since Monday, April 30, 2006 .She was last seen at her home at around six. Her car was still in her garage and she had her cell phone and wallet with her. According to police her cell phone has not been used since then. Lisa would never ever leave her children. They were her entire world. She was in the process of a divorce when she vanished. Her husband Craig Stebic is a suspect. The case is before the grand jury. But her case has gone cold. In my opinion, Lisa did not vanish. And without a body authorities are still hoping someone who knows anything will come forward.
Please view the video on Lisa

She is Missing & We Need YOUR Helpto find her!PLEASE call the Plainfield Police Department at 815-267-7217with ANY information- anonymous or not -It could save her life!
Recent News Coverage about Lisa Stebic's articleCBS - WBBMNBC - WMAQABC - WLSFOX - WFLDWGNJoliet Herald article 5/6Chicago Tribune article 5/4Naperville Sun article 5/5
The family continues to distribute flyers Download and print a flyer
Lisa, 37, is 5' 2" tall, 120 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. She has two visible tattoos, a small rose on her ankle and a large butterfly on her lower back. More pictures of Lisa
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LarryHarriet said...

Susan, thankyou for bringing some very much needed attention to this case. I am very upset the media hasn't been covering this case like they should be. And unfortunately, I think this is just another fine example of authorities dragging their feat, being lazy, and letting the evidence come to them instead of getting out there in the thick of it, in the mud and getting the evidence themselves. A lot of time has passed and they have done nothing.

I do not care if they have no body. Proseuctors win convictions everyday in courtrooms all across this country without a body. Will it be an uphill battle? You bet! Will it be really tough on the prosecutors? Absolutely. But they are public servants who swore to protect the public and we cannot afford to have Lisa's killer on the streets one moment longer. We cannot afford allowing him to strike agian. We owe it to his next victim to get him off the streets now.

Anonymous said...

Far too long without new information on this womans disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Craig Stebic is a disgusting person does he really think he'll get away with killing lisa?

Anonymous said...

Reward is up to $70,000 PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE to learn how you can help at :

Anonymous said...

The one year anniversay is a few weeks away since Lisa was last seen. The police appear to have all but forgotten this case, unfortunate for the family & kids.

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