Thursday, April 5, 2012

Abusive Parents Who Sabotage the Medical Care of Their Children: The Susan Murphy-Milano Show Thursday April 5, 2012

A mother caught up by a psychopathic former husband in a court battle involving life and death issues with their son Clayton, who was born with nephrology issues that led to his first kidney transplant as a toddler. Mother and father divorced many several years ago.

The court at trial granted the mother custody of Clayton due to the father’s acts of domestic violence (against other women as well – he also was charged with witness tampering for his threats against those involved in his criminal matter).
Ever since the modification, things have been terrible. The father does not follow instructions of the doctors, preferring to get his medical information from the internet. At one point he gave the child a pill that he purchased off the internet that was guaranteed to cure all kidney disease. Clayton’s transplanted kidney failed and was removed several months ago meaning that he survives off of hemo-dialysis. He travels to Seattle three times a week for this. Mother works night shift at a local hospital and must leave work to get the child to his appointments. Father does everything he can to prevent this – making sure the child is not available to leave for appointments or messing with the transport arrangements, causing him to be late. The is currently in the Court of Appeals The child now has the option of having peritoneal dialysis which would allow him to be treated at home rather than constantly being at the hospital. The father is objecting because if this were to occur, the mother might actually get some sleep. As it is, she barely sleeps between the conclusion of dialysis and returning to work at night. The father argues over every bit of medication that the child is given. He constantly insists that the mother is not following doctor’s orders – although he could not tell you what is ordered. His skills are in throwing rocks that make the mother’s job as a parent as difficult as possible. He has no awareness whatsoever, and would deny, that his antics have genuinely hurt this child.

Guests: Sandra L. Brown, M.A. and Diana Sushak

Sandra L. BrownThe message that abusive parents will deliberately sabotage their child’s medical well-being if it hurts the other parent.
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