Friday, April 6, 2012

The State of Washington and The Crisis in Family Courts

Today, April 5, in Thurston County, Washington, a judge will hear oral arguments about a mother desperately trying to keep her son, Clayton Beasley, age 12, alive.

On the "Time's Up" radio broadcast, we learned that in the State of Washington the courts are allowing abusers to manipulate family court, using their children as pawns in a dangerous game of power and control by sabotaging critical medical care.

The first question I have is, "Why has this particular abuser gone under the radar of The State of Washington's Child Protective Services?"  He is, by all accounts, endangering his own child.  Mr.Beasley has exhausted and worn down all of the family court judges in Mason County and now the case is being heard in Thurston County.

The child now has the option of having peritoneal dialysis which would allow him to be treated at home rather than constantly being at the hospital. The father is objecting because if this were to occur, the mother might actually get some sleep. As it is, she barely sleeps between the conclusion of dialysis and returning to work at night. The father argues over every bit of medication that the child is given. He constantly insists that the mother is not following doctor’s orders – although he could not tell you what is ordered. His skills are in throwing rocks that make the mother’s job as a parent as difficult as possible. He has no awareness whatsoever, and would deny, that his antics have genuinely hurt this child.

There are other mother's in the State of Washington experiencing similar concerns as Diana Sushak and their children are also at risk. Below is the podcast from the show.

Download Podcast - SMM 4-5-2012 

The father is doing everything in his power to interfere with life-saving treatment of his son in order to punish his ex-wife. Unfortunately, this practice is all too common and the courts are hesitant to step in, and even when they do, enforcement is lax. Also on the show was Sandra Brown, MA and CEO The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Psychopathy Education.

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