Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Court Crisis: Rewarding a Killer Visitation for Charlie and Braden Powell ends in Murder

On Sunday, Charlie 7 and Braden 5, the children of missing Utah mother Susan Cox ,were murdered. The children were blown up in an explosion during a court ordered visitation with a dangerous psychopath.

Susan vanished on December 6, 2009 from her Utah home.  If you recall Josh Powell had suddenly, taken the children then ages 2 and 4; camping in freezing temperature at midnight.  When interviewed Susan was reported missing, the case covered by the media just prior to securing an attorney, Josh said he didn't know where his wife was and she just left.  In the days following, Josh would say she left with another man. He would be the only person named by police in the case.

As in each one of these intimate partner missing homicide cases, the last person to see their wife or girlfriend, is almost always the person responsible for making them vanish. The pattern of conduct in this case prior to Susan vanishing, then afterwards, is significant, and often overlooked by law enforcement.  Josh Powell was allowed to leave the state of Utah moving  into his father's home with the two young boys.

Many experts of across the country, Reporter Isabelle Zehnder, Statement Analysis Expert Peter Hyatt, Attorney Anne Bremner, Legal commentator and defense Attorney Holly Hughes, among others, discussed the imminent danger to the boys lives.  At one time or another we predicted if the legal system didn't remove the children, they would be murdered. Last week permanent placement of the boys was given to Susan's parents Chuck and Judy Cox.  Josh Powell by a judge was given supervised visitation like a prize for being the biological father. What was this judge thinking? Powell posed a threat to his own children's lives.

The murders of Charlie and Braden's were by all accounts preventable.

The family of Susan Cox requires not only prayers, but the promise that on the blood of their grandchildren, the epidemic and ignorance in the family courts across the country will do more than award murder's visitation and custody of children, especially when their mothers are missing intimate partner homicide victims!

Let's also remember Susan Cox is still missing and she requires our attention to be found.

The Murder Of Susan Powell's Two Young Boys At The Hands Of Their Father by Diane Fanning

West Valley City Police issues statement re Josh Powell's double murder-suicide by Reporter Isabelle Zehnder:

Obsession Leads to Murder?

Revenge of Josh Powell: Murder Suicide


Donna R. Gore said...

This is absolutely unfathomable.... yet it is not when we have seen all that we have seen concerning IPV!

Please visit my Facebook page for a musical tribute to Susan and her children!
Donna "Ladyjustice"

Anonymous said...

I have never believed, that this beautiful Mother walked away from her children.... Well as of yesterday, Heaven added 2 more Angels....

Heidi Hiatt said...

Thank you for this post. Here in Washington we're still in shock, and it is very disturbing how many people saw the warning signs before this happened.

Some relevant websites are below. People can leave condolences at some of them.!/pages/The-Susan-Cox-Powell-Foundation/235316293180751?sk=wall&filter=1

Child Advocate said...

We as a country need to take a serious look at the lack of laws protecting our children. Since this post, more information has come to light. I'm heartbroken for those 2 precious boys who were expecting a "big surprise". The Cox family is always in my prayers. We need to demand tougher laws on allowing childrens visitation with a parent suspected in domestic abuse. These boys should have not been within 20ft of him when they found child porn on his computer. This was in addition to Josh Powell being the only POI in missing wife's case. What can we do NOW to prevent this from happening again? Susan, Charlie and Braden deserve some form of Justice. Changing the laws would be a small tribute. I'll help in anyway I can.

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