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Special Series Recap: Murder: Connecting the Dots in Oklahoma-Crime, She Writes- Forbes

In case you missed the series on Crime, She Writes over on Forbes as it relates to the Oklahoma Intimate Partner Homicide of Ashley Taylor and a possible link between the unsolved 2008 cold cases in Weleetka, Oklahoma, below are all 5 segments.

Murder: Connecting the Dots More than Once in Oklahoma - Part 1 - Forbes

When a person goes missing without a trace, it’s a nightmare for their loved ones. Time literally stands still; their world suddenly comes to a screeching halt. For one family, Michael and Faye Taylor of Glenpool, Oklahoma, they would embark on a journey unraveling not only their daughter’s murder,

Part 2 of the murders in Oklahoma at Forbes

Murder in Oklahoma Connecting The Dots More than Once - Part 2 - Forbes

Face to face, Michael Taylor, father of missing Ashley Taylor, confronts her fiancĂ©, Kevin Sweat, after trying to no avail to contact Sweat by phone. In the parking lot of the apartment he shared with Ashley, Kevin is questioned.Kevin Sweat, in a clear voice, volunteers, “I suppose I am gonna get

Part 3 up on Forbes on the Oklahoma cases

Murder in Oklahoma: Connecting the Dots More than Once - Part 3 - Forbes

After the confrontation in the apartment complex parking lot between Michael Taylor and Kevin Sweat, Michael Taylor enters the apartment that his daughter Ashley and her fiancé Kevin shared. Michael reported that it is in total disarray, clothing scatted about in the living room, bathroom and hall...

Murder in Oklahoma: Connecting the Dots, Part 4- Forbes

Last week on a broadcast of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!”Faye Taylor, Michael Taylor and investigative reporter Phil Cross with FOX Newsdiscussed the case of missing Ashley Taylor as well as other murders in Weleetka, Oklahoma

Final Installment in the 5 part series of the Oklahoma murders

Murder in Oklahoma: Connecting the Dots, Finding Justice - Part 5 - Forbes

Michael Taylor’s persistence in his daughter Ashley’s case is what is now fueling a stepped-up investigation into the 2008 murders in Weleetka, Oklahoma, of two young girls, Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Paschal-Placker. They, along with Ashley Taylor, deserve justice, swift and strong. Several days aft...

Authors Note: Law Enforcement Agencies in Oklahoma have released information as it relates to a Glock possibly related to the 2008 murders. A $5,000 reward is being offered to anyone who turns in the gun-no questions asked. The information about the gun is in part 5 of the series. If everyone reading this could post the information on the gun at Websites, forums, facebook and blogs it would be appreciated.

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