Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Missing Person's Case Gone Right: Amy Sue Henslee and Tonya Howarth

In a small town in Hartford, MI, a mother of 2 young boys is reported missing by her husband, all because each day, faithfully, he calls home during breaks at work. When she does not answer, he knows something is wrong, leaves and heads home.

There is no sign of anything out of place, except for the feeling in his heart, he knows something is wrong. He calls around to friends and family, no one has seen her. The husband contacts police, they inform him he must wait, "she might come back they see this all the time." He does not wait and drives around the community looking for his wife.

He returns to the house just before his two boys get off the school bus. Officers arrive, the boys are sent to another location and they continue searching.

The successful outcome to the case happens when the Missing You Foundation enters with their trained team of experienced searchers and dogs. Among the gem within this organization is a man by the name of Jamie Jones.

If it were not for his training and professionalism on a crime scene, the outcome in this case would be very different. Jamie Jones is the sole reason the crime scene remained in tact. Jamie Jones was the reason the recovery, despite the weather was successful. Jamie Jones was the reason the person who committed these crimes was arrested.

From  shallow graves, Amy Sue Henslee and Tonya Howarth were recovered because of the commitment of the charitable organization for families of the missing.

During the search, there was a lot of public speculation, misinformation and finger pointing that, if not for the correct search procedures, could have gone in another direction.

On Crime Wire, our guests for the hour were, James Henslee, widower, and Searcher Jamie Jones. It is an hour of insight rarely captured. And you will hear, based on what Jamie Jones does, how the outcome changes in the eleventh hour.

Perhaps if we all email the Michigan Governor Granhola asking that Jamie Jones be considered by the Michigan Community Service Award to honor a real hero we could in some way acknowledge how one man made a hell of difference too so many! Send your emails here and nominate Jamie Jones.

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