Monday, August 1, 2011

What is Missing in Brittanee Drexel's case: The Truth

All a missing person's family asks is for answers when their loved one goes missing. Some missing cases, come with no answers at all. Perhaps it was a random abduction or criminal act. Or law enforcement simply has no suspect or clues. The family continues to search and maintain contact with law enforcement while continuing to keep the case in the public eye.

But what happens when there are answers in a case and those involved or know what happened and flat out refuse to cooperate?

One case in particular comes to mind, Brittanee Marie Drexel. She was 17 years of age, traveling with kids older then she from Rochester, NY to Myrtle Beach, SC, over spring break. On April 25, 2009, she went missing. Those who arrived with her to Myrtle Beach, made sure she had enough money for food, took the underage teen to clubs and basically watched over her.

Yet, they pack up leaving Myrtle Beach, without her? It simply does not compute. Unless of course out of fear, they are not coming forward. But still, who would put a family through such hell? I also wonder about the parents of those kids. Wouldn't you question your daughter or son who went on a trip with a person who did not return? Or is it better to live under a rock with the truth hoping nothing will ever come of it?

In this case, the kids in my opinion, hold the answers for Brittanee's family. They refuse to talk. They refuse to assist police. They refuse to look her mother in the eye. They refuse to act like adults and tell the truth.

And they refuse to give Brittanee Marie Drexel's family the peace they so rightfully deserve!
Dawn Drexel, her mother, on the show "Time's Up" during the second hour, from 3-4 pm on April 21, 2011. To listen to the re-broadcast here is the link:

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Myrtle Beach Police Department
(843) 918-1963
or CUE Center For Missing Persons 24 Hour Tip Line 910-232-1687


Peewee54 said...

I have been praying for this little angel since I heard. I have cleaned up her facebook account and reported spam, etc on it and it reminds me of a couple other girls missing in that area. Please come home!

DilbertWannaBe said...

This very sad case should also serve as an example to all young people that sometimes parents do know best. Brittanee went to Myrtle Beach even after her parents said no to her request to go. (The fact that the parents were clueless their daughter was not in town for several days is a separate issue. But it is an important lesson for parents on keeping track of their kids in ways other than just cell phone calls.) Her parents said no to Brittanee on going to Myrtle Beach because they believed she was too young for such a trip without adult supervision. It's horribly sad that Brittanee learned a very hard lesson. Potentially the very last lesson she would ever learn given that it is likely that she is no longer with us. But other young people should remember this incident when they think their parents are overly strict or too protective. Bad things do happen in the world. And parents know that.

mythoughts said...

What is missing is everyone working together for the same purpose. Law Enforcement is divided, Cue has divided the family for supporting ANY help, and different branches of each have there own theories just as you do and all it does is leave people working and spending energy in the wrong direction. Everyone needs to come together and unite to bring Brittanee home. This isn't about who put what billboard where - quiet frankly it doesn't matter does it? This is about bringing Brittanee home - period.

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