Thursday, August 4, 2011

Missing Person's case of Vernon Cameron Jones: More Questions Then Answers

"Vernon Cameron Jones, an aspiring actor who moved to Manhattan after graduating from the University of North Carolina, mysteriously disappeared nearly two decades ago. To this day, detectives, private investigators and his family search desperately for lingering clues that might lead to Vernon’s recovery."

Yesterday, on the Roth Show, along with Management Resources LTD of New York , a private investigation firm headed up by retired police Lt. Robert Rahn, we discussed the missing person's case of Vernon Cameron Jones and a family whom continues to seek the truth.

We learned the story told by the 3 individuals with Vernon on the night of January 2, 1993, was a fabricated tale told out of fear. After 18 long years, the trio continues to tell the same story. Chances are someone outside the group of these three may hold the key to where his remains can be located. And if they would consider coming forward by providing information that cannot be traced back to them, the family would very much appreciate it. All someone needs to do is call 1-800-490-2267.

Now with Management Resources LTD of New York's involvement and the recently completed DNA profile using Vernon's baby teeth kept by his mother, the flame for hope continues to burn brightly in this case.

To listen to the show about the case please click the link below:

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