Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crime Wire Investigates 9:00 PM EST: The William Walker and Suspicious Death of Wendy Towle

Tuesday, August 16, 9pm ET

Listen LIVE: http://blogtalkradio.com/crimewire

The Crime Wire Team will present two cases of unsolved suspicious deaths. Our guests will be William Walker’s grand daughter, Heather Reeves, and a family friend of Wendy Towle, Karen Beaudin, and Wendy’s sister, Beth Clark.

Wendy Towle

Wendy Towle was found dead in her Stratham NH home on August 22, 2009. Her death was initially classified as suspicious and sent to the state Attorney General’s office for review and later ruled an accidental overdose. The case was then sent back to the Stratham Police Department and Rockingham County Attorney’s office for further review. The death certificate states the cause of death as a result of “administered non-prescribed drugs.” It has been nearly two years since Wendy died and her family still seeks answers about her death. Wendy was 38 years old.

The family wants people to know that she had a serious, LONG TERM relationship with Dr. Cornelius “Neil” Sullivan who apparently had other girl friends and a wife. He and Wendy had a safety deposit box that he emptied out after her death. He went in the house after her death and collected “personal belongings”. He had a needle and partial vial of Succyinocholine in the trunk of his car; he also lied to the police. Dr. Sullivan was a surgeon and at the time of Wendy’s death was in school to become an anesthesiologist, however after her death he quit school.

Shortly before Wendy’s murder, her sister Beth went to visit her. Beth noticed that Neil never called during her visit, this was very unusual, and that his clothes were missing from the closet.

William Walker

On August 2, 2008 William, age 69, was killed by a pipe bomb in his own shop at his home where he sustained very violent injuries to his neck and chest. The police thought it was a horrible accident. Hours later, a neighbor passing by told us of the explosion heard throughout the neighborhood.

.Later that evening there was another pipe bombing in Moses Lake that killed another man. It has been three years since he was killed and we still to this day have no answers as to what happened. The family of William A Walker would like to know what happened to their Father, Grandfather and friend. We want to know who could have done something this violent to a very loving, and caring man who would do anything for anyone who would give you the shirt off his own back if you had asked for it. He was always there to lend a helping hand for anyone even if it was a complete stranger. William is greatly missed every single day by everyone and anyone that ever knew him and they want answers to who did this. Anyone with and information should contact the Grant county Sherriff’s office at (509)1160


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Live in Stereo-News said...

My husband Pastored the church there in Wheeler Wa outside of Moses lake where the pipe bomb happened. we wew gone from there since 2006. was interesting to hear this story. I did not know anything about it until I listened to crime wire a couple days ago on blog talk. Hope this case can be solved and all others you are pursuing.

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