Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coverage Continue's in Oklahoma on The Roth Show with Susan Murphy Milano

Once again our coverage will continue on the syndicated radio show with Dr. Laurie Roth and myself on The Roth Show  as it relates to blantant disregard for justice in the Oklahoma medical exaiminers office.  Be sure to tune in at 7:00 PM EST/ 6:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM PST for the latest live by going to

ASHLEY DAWN THOMPSON died on Janary 1, 2004 at her home in Roger's County, Oklahoma.  She was only 15 years old. Her boyfriend at the time, who was supposed to be in a guest bedroom, claimed he entered her bedroom through a window on her terrace and found her hanging in her closet.  This man, Joshua Wayne Brown, is now in prison on subsequent rape charges. Yet Ashley's death was summarily ruled a suicide, despite the fact that she was murdered. In fact, only 7 months before Ashley's death, another girlfriend of Joshua Brown's died by hanging. Joining us on the Roth Show is her mother Stacey and Attorney Jaye Mendros.  Currently she represents several families at odds with the embattled ME's Office, which lost its Accreditation in 2009 and is currently the subject of a political corruption investigation.

Visit to read more on this issue and print out this Petition demanding REFORM

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Saira said...

Teen and pre-teen dating violence is something that needs public awareness. A lot of times, teens themselves don't realize the kind of trouble they're in and don't tell anyone. Prevention needs to start early as dating is starting early in younger age groups. My thoughts are with the victim's family.

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