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Susan Powell: Part 3 "She knows she will be chewed up like hamburger?"

Time's Up: How to Escape Abusive and Stalking Relationships Guide(Part 3 of 3 on missing mother Susan Powell who vanished from her home on December 6, 2009)
Josh Powell told police a crazy story when he arrived from his famous below zero trip saying he took his two boys, ages 2 and 4, camping in the early morning hours of Dec. 6 and returned later in the evening to find his wife missing. Susan was reported missing on Dec. 7 when she failed to show up for work.

On the eleventh month anniversary of her murder in my opinion, Josh Powell breaks his silence giving a "devoted deadly daddy dearest" interview with the Salt Trubune.

There are many remarks in the interview that scream deliberate murder.  While Powell attempts to talk all he is doing is tiping his hand, showing the world, in my opinion in real time how the mind of a controlling abusive killer thinks. 

A loving and caring person does not place blame or make crude remarks of  person with whom they are in a relationship.  Not once do you see any concern for Susan Powell's well being. As a wonderful mother, good woman or devoted wife.  What we see by his non-actions and read is hate as if he is telling the world she didn't perform to my expections.  She did not do as she was told.  She had to be dealt with in a manner that required her to be punished.  Josh Powell's words  “She knows she will be chewed up like hamburger when she comes back,” this statement says what I believe he did.

Powell in that statement is telling us that she has already been chewed up.  He did not randomly select his words, instead he was telling folks what he did in this one very important sentence. In the area of Utah that they lived it is a known fact that deadly wild animals roam.  In my opinion, Powell covered her in something that an animal would chew up and make into hamburger.

Josh Powell said he allowed the Coxes (Susan's parents)  to see his sons periodically after Susan’s disappearance but that he told them not to discuss the children with reporters.  The Coxes did discuss the boys, though it was usually to say they wanted to see them more often. Josh Powell said he considered discussion of the issue to be a violation of his sons’ privacy and that he will not let the Coxes visit the children if they continue to discuss the children.

Now carefully read the words Powell uses in his interview:
Whether or not they ever have contact with my sons is their choice based on their own behavior,” he said.  Here again notice the language- ever- contact- behavior.  Powell is punishing Susan's parents for keeping the case alive and speaking out by contuing to use and hold his own children hostage.  He is blaming them for all this mess that just won't go away.  Someone from the Department of Children and family services needs to get a handle on the boys well being before something happens. Powell is at a breaking point and there is no predicting now, what he will do next if boxed in a tighter corner.

At the conclusion of the article, the father-in-law chimes in with very disturbing words:
Steve Powell said he and his son expect to see Susan again. People wanting to find his daughter-in-law’s body to produce closure are “a bunch of morbid f------ assholes,” Steve Powell said.

“She absconded,” Steve Powell said. “We don’t believe she was abducted. We don’t believe she was murdered.”

Again, Steve Powell using interesting and telling words: body-closure-produce-morbid-, Only a person whom knows the truth, first hand of what really happen to Susan Powell would make such statements. 

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Anonymous said...

Josh's comments are so contemptuous showing a total lack of any emotional regard for Susan. Even controlling and causing more grief to Susan's parents by not allowing the grandchildren to receive loving comfort from their grandparents. The father- in-laws comments were just as shocking and without any natural affection or tenderness. Like father like son. May divine justice be enforced and brought quickly for Susan and her family

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