Friday, October 15, 2010

Report From Oklahoma

Due to sketchy internet service in Oklahoma, information and updates will be called in daily to The Roth Show.

There is a press conference today, October 15, at 2PM Central time at the offices of Attorney, Jaye Mendros where representatives from the Turner, Deviney and Horton families as well as Justice for the Dead will attend in Oklahoma City.

We hope that the reports of the injustices to these families and the alleged corruption in Garvin County, Oklahoma will travel to national news shows such as Bill O'Reilly, who is known to call out instances of corruption in our country on FOX News show, The O'Reilly Factor.

Welcoming Susan Murphy-Milano to Oklahoma
Attorney Jaye Mendros

With the arrival of a nationally-known author, media personality and activist, we begin the process of shedding more light on some of Oklahoma's darkest secrets. For years, families have struggled in this State with a "good ole boy" system that delivered not justice, but cold justice.

Having practiced criminal law and worked on homicides in Oklahoma County for years, I was aware that we had a growing problem with our State Medical Examiner's Office. What I did not know until I met Joe and Donna Turner in September of 2009 was how the ME's Office's incompetence, stubborness and unwillingness to do its job has allowed corruption to thrive with law enforcement in smaller counties.

When a murder is covered up, or inadequately investigated, and an erroneous cause/manner of death determination is made by a good ole' boy who is NOT a physician, the ME's Office should NOT turn a blind eye and rubber stamp that determination
. (read entire article at Cold Justice)

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