Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drew Peterson: The Chicago Sun-Times "Blood on the Rocks"

Once again, without any regard for Kathleen Savio or Stacy Peterson’s family the Chicago Sun-Times has printed another letter from former Bolingbrook police Sergeant and Serial Psychopath Drew Peterson. No surprise, it was hand delivered likely over a scotch on the rocks with a splash of soda in the bar at the East Bank Club by Peterson’s head legal marshmallow roaster and chicken wing salesman.
The defense team is going to great lengths to paint Peterson as a loving caring father. The language used in this latest letter is authored by a coward whom used his powers as a law enforcement officer, in my opinion, to practice his criminal expertise on one wife, then perfected his craft on the other.

Peterson begins his opening script with :” It’s been almost three years since my wife Stacy went missing with the Illinois State Police and the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office launching probably the largest, most obsessive and expensive investigation in U.S. history.” Notice how he uses “my wife” in his sentence. What he is really saying to the world is “my property Stacy.” That is how in my opinion a classic intimate partner killer references their disposed of property. In Drew Peterson’s sick mind, Stacy was nothing more than someone he "controlled and owned" of which he, again in my expert opinion, removed from the family because she was too much of a liability. Yes, Stacy knew too much and when Peterson discovered she had met with Pastor Neil Schori in August of 2007, he panicked and began putting his plan of action into place. Peterson knew Stacy disclosed to the Pastor that Drew murdered Kathleen. Can someone at the newspaper explain how did Peterson know she met with the Pastor? Simple, Peterson was having her followed, otherwise why would he leave a message for the Pastor immediately after Stacy’s meeting? Was Stacy’s cell phone rigged by Drew to trace her every move? Was there a GPS tracking device on her vehicle?

If you do not remember or have not seen the interview, please take the time to watch the 6:22 minutes of questions and response’s Pastor Schori provided to Greta with Fox News. Maybe Michael Sneed and the editors can watch it too. Just click HERE.

In the next line of the letter Peterson says “the investigation has thus far turned up rumors, gossip, hearsay and outright lies.” Fact is that Kathleen Savio was murdered. And for a fact Stacy Peterson “my wife” is missing and he is the only suspect.

Peterson continues ranting by saying how his family has been threatened and harassed, well what about Kathleen and Stacy? These two women, in my opinion, were silenced to death!

In Peterson’s first letter published last month statement analysis expert and investigator Peter Hyatt takes us into the dynamics of former officer, perhaps the newspaper would consider publishing Hyatt’s analysis rather than more victim slapping from a psychopath.

One of the more disturbing lines to me in Peterson’s letter: “My little girl Lacy Ann just started Kindergarten with her daddy unable to be at her first day of school.” What about Stacy? Her little girl has been without her mommy for nearly 3 years. You do not read Peterson's words in reference to Lacy “say our child” or “Stacy’s and my little girl.” Peterson uses “my” just as he describes “my wife Stacy.”

Again, not once has Drew Peterson ever shown real emotion or concern for Stacy Peterson. Now he is using with assistance of the legal marshmallow roaster; his family as the "defense crutch strategy.”

The final blow was seeing the photo of 5 out of the 6 children submitted by a psychopath to steer the public away from the facts: Kathleen Savio the mother of 2 of the 5 children in the photo is dead. And Stacy Peterson, the mother of the two youngest, Lacy and Anthony was denied the opportunity to be there for either of her children’s first day of school, forever!

If you are outraged by the Chicago Sun Times and their disregard for the families of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson by making headlines of Drew Peterson's jailhouse letters, do your part and let them know by calling, emailing or faxing. Nothing will change unless action is taken. The columnist, Micheal Sneed and her editor, should know that by making decisions based on headlines and readership instead of integrity and ethics is one of the reasons the public fuels people like Drew Peterson."

Fax number to the Chicago Sun Times is 312-321-3084 312-321-3084

Michael Sneeds direct email address is :

Andrew Hermann, Managing Editor 312-321-3000 312-321-3000

Zach Finken, News Editor 312-321-3000 312-321-3000

[Susan Murphy Milano is with the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education. She is an expert on intimate partner violence and homicide crimes. For more information visit  She is the author of "Time's Up A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships," available for purchase at the Institute, and wherever books are sold.  Susan is the host of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, "Time's Up!" on Here Women Talk and is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated The Roth Show with Dr. Laurie Roth ]

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Susan Ludwig said...

I think the Chicago Sun Times is being used by Peterson and his defense teams. And I think in doing so, Sun-Times violates alls standard of fair and ethical journalism. I find their printing of his letters offensive and am glad Susan murphy milano has the courage to say what your the Sun-Times won't. My heart goes out to all the women he killed and their kin.... Kathleen Savio, her children, her sister Sue, family, friends. I believe there are more victims we don't know about YET. I'm torn. I want what happened to Jeffrey Dahmer in prison to happen to him. Yet I want him tried, convicted...and we need to squeeze the truth out of him. What good investigative reporters do is not what the Sun Times did. You've reduced yourself to new lows Sun-Times.

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