Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Order of Protection is a Worthless Piece of Paper With Ink!

The events on December 27, 2009 in Stark County, Ohio, that lead up to the murders of Derrick Busto and Brandy Scheinder are chilling, yet a common theme we are witnessing as families ask questions after intimate partner homicide.

In this case Matthew Schneider the former husband of Brandy was on probation for a sexual assault against a minor child. When the former husband plead guilty the prrosecutors office decided to put on their "big girl panties" and slap a 12 day jail sentence on this man. Along with a 3 year probation and a requirement that he register as a sex offender every four months for the next 25 years.

During this time Brandy Schneider filed for divorce. After years of abuse and terror she as most victims left the marital residence with her son and try to move on with her life.

Brandy Schneider also secured and order of protection from the courts. Matthew Schneider was dangerous and on several ocassions threatened to take her life. Between May of 2009 and near the time of the murders Matthew Schneider was stalking his soon to be ex-wife. Not once but numerous sitings, following, harassing threatning and doing damage to property all while wearing an electronic monitoring braclet. This should have been an immediate termination of Matthew Schneider's parole. The offense was felony stalking.

Rather than police arresting Matthew Schneider and held until a hearing for violating parole and felony stalking Brandy Schneider like so many victims we read about after the fact was murdered for negligence by a system sworn to protect victims of intimate partner violence under the very laws created because of bloodshed.

Maybe the US Attorneys Office or Lynn Rosenthal in Washington can investigate the oversight into human life lost due to shear ignorance as it pertains to rebuilding a new system from the ground up. One that includes an understanding of the landscape as it relates to intimate parter violence and homicide.

Today, on the Susan Murphy Milano show Brandy's mother Cheri Reed was on for the hour. It is important to note that Ms. Reed's discussing her daughters murder so soon after was to help other families and victims caught in the crossfire of tragedy.

Later in the show Derrick Busto's mother also came on and talked about her son and how "the system failed" these two women's children. "What good is an order of protection? she asked. If it means nothing more than a piece of paper with ink in it."

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