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In January of 1999, Belinda Temple, 8 months pregnant, was found in the bedroom of her home, in her closet, dead of a gunshot wound. The case would remain unsolved until David Temple was arrested for her murder in 2004. On November 15, 2007 he was found guilty by a Texas jury for murdering his wife.

It comes as no surprise that Temple was having an affair with another woman during his marriage to Belinda; he married his mistress a few years after Belinda’s death and began a new life.

Many of the men whom are suspected in the murder of their wives often live several lives of lies. The identical playbook of lies and deception was used by Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, and Bruce Beresford-Redman. To the world they present themselves as loving, concerned fathers and husbands, pillars in the community who would never swat a fly. Each of these men lived and breathed lies outside the home, each had a mistress. Although I don’t count Drew Peterson’s wife Stacy as a mistress, she was just a kid, a teenager lured by a serial predator dangling towards her a world beyond her reality, a child all of 15 years old when he met her. Two of these men, both with the last name of Peterson, never once participated in the search of their wives.

If I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Christina Raines (Drew Peterson); Heather Scott (David Temple); Joy Pierce (Bruce Beresford-Redman); I would ask them, "why they continued or began a relationship with these murderers knowing they completely erased the women with whom they were married to at the time?" They are dangerous, clever individuals capable of killing, even them, if they could no longer be controlled or wanted out of the relationship. I would ask, "was their life so meaningless that they were willing to risk it all in the name of love?"

Kathryn Casey’s new book, available for pre-order on and set for release on June 29, 2010, is titled “Shattered,” based on the David Temple case. It will no doubt provide a chilling account of a woman by the name of Belinda Temple, who deserved more than being erased from earth because her husband met and fell in love with another woman. The book is not just another true crime story. It is not a "story," in my opinion, because stories are not real. Kathryn Casey’s book is written about a woman who was a domestic violence victim, a woman who married a man with strong ties in the community. Family and friends refused to believe their “David” capable of such a gruesome act of violence.

"Shattered" is not just another crime book. It captures the true essence of a woman’s life torn apart by a man’s savage and inhumane rage. David Temple was a predator, planning and calculating, like others we watch or read about in the news, until the final hour of the kill. Kathryn Casey’s book is a must for cold case detectives, law enforcement, medical examiners, lawyers, social workers and victims of violence living in fear.

•November 5, 2007: Twin Sister Testifies In Murder Trial
•October 31, 2007: Neighbors Testify About Day Belinda Temple Died
•October 30, 2007: Shotgun Becomes Focus Of Murder Trial
•October 25, 2007: Current Wife Of Man Accused Of Killing Pregnant Wife Testifies
•October 25, 2007: Coach Testifies Against Husband Accused Of Killing Wife
•October 18, 2007: Scene Photos Shown In Trial Of Man Accused Of Killing Wife
•October 16, 2007: Prosecutor: Husband's Affair Motive For Pregnant Wife's Killing
•October 15, 2007: Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Killing Pregnant Wife
•October 11, 2007: 9 Years Later, Husband Stands Trial For Wife's Murder

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Andrea Campbell said...

Susan, thanks for writing this about Kathryn's new true crime. It is an interesting and thought-provoking case that deserves attention.

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