Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crime Wire Live Tuesday June 15, 2010 at 9:00 PM EST and 8:00 PM Central

The Crime Wire team, Vito Colucci Jr., Private Eye and author, Denny Griffin, retired Investigator and Author, and Susan Murphy Milano, Violence Expert and Author are there-- On top of the crime -- at the top of their game.
Our guests for a power packed hour will be:

Tricia Griffith, owner of Websleuths, the Internet site that brings crime cases in the news and public eye long after the media has forgotten they need to be solved!

Famed Defense Attorney Mickey Sherman will be on the hot seat tonight discussing what else; defending the thugs, rapists and cold blooded killers.

This case involves one of those rather rare instances in which murder charges were brought and convictions attained when the victim’s remains had not been found. It is also somewhat unique in that the victim was a powerful organized crime figure. William “Wild Bill” Cutolo was the underboss of New York City’s Colombo crime family. His disappearance and presumed murder in 1999 caused his son to turn from a life of crime to become a cooperating government witness, whose work with law enforcement helped to bring about the arrests and convictions of his father’s killers in 2007

Janice Smolinski will discuss The Help Find the Missing Act (Billy’s Law) for families because it is one of the most important national pieces of legislation that will benefit the families of missing persons. With a grass roots effort started by the mother of missing Billy Smolinski, Janice Smolinski lives the nightmare shared with thousands across the country and millions worldwide. She has worked non-stop through the process of our government to bring this change for all.

President of Imagine Publicity, “Delilah,” creator of the crime suvivors and victim's rights blog "Time'sUp",she stands, supports and spreads important awareness on many issues, including missing persons, domestic violence, mothers without custody, human trafficking, self-defense, and victim’s rights.

Al Dressler Technology Expert and Crime Wire consultant will also weigh in on the rapid pace of technology in criminal cases.

Time: 9:00 PM EST 8:00 PM CST 6:00 PM PST

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We profile a variety of cases each week, including cold cases, suspicious deaths, and current solved and unsolved murders.

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Our goal is to bring attention to those cases in which justice may not have been served and the families of the victims don’t have the resources to pursue the investigations on their own. Together we can make a difference.

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