Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Vanishing Women:Mothers, Sisters and innocent lives, lost!

Today is Mother's Day. Instead of celebrating the love of a mother far too many families with motherless children will be visting gravesites across the county. As they place flowers and photo's on the headstone and grave tears of confusion and anger will roll down their cheeks as they stand trying to claim a memory or happy thought about her while she was alive. As the family holds hands in prayer silently they wonder what could they have done to prevent the tragedy?

The list is long consisting of women murdered in their own homes, stalked, missing in action if you will because their life was lost in the war against abuse, power and control. With pleas's for help from the judical system and their community often falling on deaf ears.

Many women are still out there waiting to be found by their families and bring them home. In honor of their lives it is important to list these amazing women, my mother included. I remember after my mom was murdered and a stranger or someone who barely knew me said " out of this tragedy you will triumph." At the time the wounds and emotions still raw I likely responded by barking back to the individual "what a cold and inappropriate statement, you have no clue what I am going through or feeling, my life is forever altered." I was wrong because I was angry, hurt and devasted by the loss of the one person I loved most with all my heart, my mother. From these women's tragedies we can change the course of survior for those among the living as they live in fear and wait for someone to extend a hand offer support to end the war with their children and lives intact.

So to Cindy Bischof, Crystal Brame, Heather Malloy, Rachel Anderson, Stacy Peterson, Paige Birgfeld, Brandy Schneider, Tara Grinstead, Carli Dennis, Heather Malloy, Monica Beresford-Redmond, Tera Chavez, Mercedes McCalley, Army Lt. Holley Wimunc, Charlotte Grahn, Lacey Gaines, Rosa Lisowski, Suzanne Gratton, Barbara Vanaman, Colleen Dwyer, Theresa Parker,Bethanie Dougherty, Denise Taylor, Maria Djelaj, Rose Cobb, Lisa Stebic, Kathleen Savio, Nancy Cooper, Renee Pagel, Selina Johnson, Lisa Freiberg, Karen Skellas, Sgt Sonia Garcia, Rachel Conger, Roberta Murphy, Jan Roseboro, Wendy Theibeault, Linda Yancey, Adelina Weber, Dawn Brossard, Tiffany O'Shell, Jennifer Vodermann, Mary McGinnas, Jessie Davis, Amy Mullins, Nailah Franklin, Elena Cole, Hannah Crowe, Ronda Reynolds, Melissa Lightsey, Isol Cotto, Debbie Rediess, Amy Yager, Lori DeKleine, Caran Renee Coward, Irma Rodriguez,Natasha Hall, Sharon Kleinsasser, Marie Bruce, Officer Patricia Williams, Sandra Twist, Tracy Judd, Amber Weigel, Antoinette Ross, Kathryn Maxwell, Officer Caran Coward, Susan Powell, Elizabeth Mangiatini, Gina Parsons, Zoelina Williams, Jessie Roponi, Cristi Lynne Hall, Karen Kahler, Ashley Ann Sullivan, Marcia Eakin Mammone, Brenda Canosa, Cheryl Wynn, Franki Jacobson, Susan McFarland, Sandra Viramontes, Shari Cartmell, Whitney Mendez, Nova Henry, Kellisue Ackernecht, Rose Maynard, Alice Morrin, Suzan Annette Sowders-Fuller, carla Westholfen, Kathryn Maxwell, Kristin Longo, Keitha Turner, Katherine Garner, Kelly Currin Morris, Makasha Colonvega, Vensus Stewart, Assiya Hussan, Robin Lee Miller, Amy Duh, Claira McDermott, Sgt. Melanie Lee, Kathryn Minton Tucker, Yolanda Bindics, Laci Peterson, Jennifer Jacobb, Connie Channey, and to the thousands of others whom I did not list here, you are forever in all of our hearts. Happy Mother's Day!

[*The women highlighted in blue were officer related deaths]

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