Monday, May 17, 2010

Drew Peterson Trial and the Sidebar on Google?

Last week Drew Peterson's ever expanding circus act filed 9 motions before the upcoming trial scheduled for the 14th of June. Nice move by the defense team, I will give them that much, but, I am reminded of another trial in California 6 years ago, also in June headed by famed defense attorney, Mark Geragos. Maybe the Drew Peterson defense team is quietly holding weekly phone conferences with Geragos on the motions filed by my favorite legal "Marshmallow Roaster"as they appear eerily similar.

You remember Mark Geragos, he represented Scott Peterson. This Peterson (no relation to Drew except for their ability, in my opinion, to make women vanish) went to trial for the murder of Laci Peterson  in 2002, after she went missing while seven and a half months pregnant with her first child. Laci was reportedly last seen alive on December 24, 2002. Peterson's defense was based around the lack of direct evidence, and defusing the circumstantial evidence, and a hell of a lot of useless motions and paper legal shuffling. The evidence against Peterson was largely circumstantial. On November 12 , 2004, a jury convicted Scott Peterson of first-degree murder with special circumstances for killing Laci and second-degree murder for killing his unborn son.

The prosecutor prevailed and Scott Peterson is now sitting his pathetic behind on death row.  

The motions filed under "seal" by the Drew Peterson team is nothing more than a way to buy time. Reminds me of too many cooks in a kitchen spoiling the soup.

There is an upside to this defense circus, each one of the team members will have their name in "Internet lights" so to speak, searched by Google with rapid speed. My favorite legal roaster will likely have his own page, hopefully minus the advertisement for the not so famous take out chicken wings, with his client's name at the top :"Drew Peterson Trial." Along the sidebar of the page will be a listing of trial documents, evidence, case summary, and each defense attorney on the team will have their name displayed in bright colorful fonts.
Looking at the Scott Peterson trial should give us a bit of hope that Will County Prosecutor James Glascow will also prevail and get a conviction. After all, he is not representing one victim, but many.

[To follow the latest on the case go to and Websleuths forum where you are able to post your thoughts and weigh in on the case]

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Otto Theil said...

The prosecutor certainly has their work ahead of them on this case.

As always a great post.

Joshua said...

The prosecution is in a bind on this case. The State was able to pass a "hear say" law and the defense is under a gag order.
Whenever any potential witnesses-Family, Friends, Neighbors and Pastors appear in the print or broadcast media, they are unintentionally weakening the State's case.
The defense will undoubtably seek to discredit each of these "hear say" witnesses as having a motive of seeking fame or financial gain.
Witnesses are easy to discredit if they are already known to jurors as media subjects themselves.

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