Friday, May 7, 2010

"All In The Family"

Stalking and intimate family violence is more often than not a crime committed by someone with whom a victim is, or was, in a relationship. And, in my opinion, the case of missing Clarkston, Washington woman, Rachael Anderson is not the exception, but, the norm, in the ever increasing epidemic that is leading to murder in this country.

Rachael Anderson, 40, of Clarkston, WA, married just three short months to Charles Capone when she decided to file for divorce from a man who, in my opinion, portrayed himself as an all around nice guy in the community, when, in reality, he was a "wolf" in sheep's clothing. It is a familar theme among abusers in this country, similar to a foul odor. One moment they are smiling and helping the neighbor down the street with a project, hours later, behind closed doors where you are unable to smell the stink, these abusers terrorize their family members and Rachael Anderson was no exception.

Yesterday, police arrested the woman's estranged husband, Charles Capone, who also happens to be a convicted felon, on a firearms violation. There are those who personally knew this bozo who have commented on various Internet sites with my less than favorite term "he is such a great guy" or "no, not him he is the last person you would suspect if this." That is the problem. It is usually someone we believe incapable of committing such an horriffic act against another. I realize a person is innocent until proven guilty, but where is the outrage for the victims? Why isn't anyone other than Rachael Anderson's family jumping up and down demanding answers?

Why, within our justice system. is a victims worth while they were still alive handled with little to no importance? We provide so many rights to the accused and yet offer little to assisting those living as prisoners of war in their own homes.

It has to end, now! Action and implementation in addressing these "situations," as they are often referred, must be treated with importance, as a crimial matter.

Rachael Anderson was, in my expert opinion murdered, and we should all be outraged that another life was taken. She, as most victims, are unarmed and do not have the ability to defend themselves against an individual that plans and carries out the removal of a precious life.

Now, victims do have a weapon in which to fight back, either while alive or from the grave in their own words.

Like many victims of abuse Rachael Anderson sought help from law enforcement once she ended the relationship and began receiving threatening text messages and phone calls. She was also stalked, her tire's slashed and Rachel knew this man was not going to let her go from his life, alive.

One important component that she or police did not create was an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit document and video. If she had, her abuser would have been arrested and charged, in my opinion, immediately, and law enforcement would be prearing the case for the prosecutors office following her unusual disappearance.

Why is this document so important? An Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit and video is created when threats by an abuser are made against your life. Even when you have never had police respond to your home, or when you are too afraid that if you do contact law enforcement it will set off a seriers of events that could likely result in further abuse or, murder.

  • It documents incidents of past abuse
  • Admissions of how a threat will be carried out against a victim once they announce they are leaving ot filing for divorce
  • Where evidence oor weapons would or could be located
  • Portrays visable injuries or marks
  • How to collect evidence on the fly
  • How to leave the abuser.

If you know someone who is abused, please have them watch the reinactment video below of what they can do. Then, as Criminal Profiler Pat Brown, Crime Writer Diane Fanning or Former Prosecutor and NBC Legal Analyst Robin Sax recommends, get a copy of "Time's Up A Guide on How to Leave and Survive Abusive and Stalking Relationships."

Been there, done that…” Susan Murphy- Milano has turned a tired phrase into demonstrable realism through the gift of her newly published book, "TIME'S UP: A GUIDE ON HOW TO LEAVE AND SURVIVE ABUSIVE AND STALKING RELATIONSHIPS

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