Thursday, April 15, 2010

Psychology Today: "Murphy Milano's Exceptional Victims Handbook is Here"

Just when the public has demonstrated a belief that domestic violence is a crime of the past, the case of survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman makes the headlines. It seems that all the ingredients for a domestic homicide are present.

And if this case is not enough, we have seen domestic violence creep back into pop culture and celebrity justice - a la the Brown case and the Charlie Sheen cases, as examples. There is no arguing that there is a problem, but like everything else one can’t help to ask: Is there a solution? While leaving the abuse is the only solution that is often a lot easier said than done. But leaving and preparing just got one step easier for victims thanks to tireless victim’s advocate Susan Murphy Milano. In her book “Times Up”, Murphy Milano recognizes that domestic violence in not simply a crime de jour. It a real crime that was around well before OJ and will still exist well beyond Brown and Sheen.

[Robin Sax: is a former deputy district attorney, a legal analyst with NBC and the author of predators and child molesters. ]

"To say that Susan Murphy Milano has hit the nail on the head (again)
is a total understatement! Murphy Milano's book is well crafted and timely.
She not only discusses the "problem" but takes it one step further in this
soup-to-nuts handbook. In twelve easy to read chapters, she has created
a realistic prescription: offering real-life solutions that will have long term
benefits in the criminal justice system of domestic violence."

To read the entire article click HERE.

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annette said...

I rec'd my copy on Wednesday. This book has the prevention and resources I have been looking for and finally it took an "angel to author it" Bless Susan and her work and may God keep her safe.

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