Friday, April 16, 2010

Drew Peterson Trial "I Practiced On One and Perfected On The Other?"

It was nice of the captain ( the judge on the Drew Peterson case) to allow the passengers to leave the trial ship gracefully. The Will County, IL, court in my opinion provided life rafts for a quick exit with their excellent legal reputations in tact.

The Peterson Story Wordpress site, also known as Justice Cafe, (the only site reporting and following the Peterson case) emailed attorney Andrew Abood of Abood Law and asked him if he wanted to comment on Wednesday's motion to withdraw from the defense team of Drew Peterson. The site administrators specifically asked about the mention in Christy Gutowski’s story for the Daily Herald of a "suicide defense." The full article is HERE.

In my opinion, if Drew Peterson were to be acquitted ( I pray that does not happen) by a jury, will his legal marshmallow roaster have a pocket full of monogramed ink pens and a box of chicken wings with sauce under his arms as he attempts to meet with book publishers to secure a book deal for his client?

What would the name of the book be titiled? In my opinion, it should be called "I Practiced On One And Perfected On The Other."


Anonymous said...

He killed his wives so he didn't have to give them half of the money,
(in the divorce) but does he get to spend it as he sits in jail.....
Some men are just plain STUPID.

TigressPen said...

You made me smile with this short piece, Susan. I couldn't agree more heartily!

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