Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drew Peterson Defense Adds New Members To The Already Crowded Circus Ring?

According to reporter Joe Hosey and author of the book Fatal Vows who has been covering the Drew Peterson case since 2004, the total number on the defense team is now up to six.

In my opinion, of note joining the team, or should I say "train wreck," is defense attorney and legal commentator Steven A. Greenberg. I am surprised because of Greenberg’s criticisms in the past to my favorite legal marshmallow roaster (notorious for passing out monogrammed pens and handing out chicken wings with sauce to reporters) because he couldn’t control the client

I happen to know Greenberg from other cases through the years. He is one of Illinois more skilled defense lawyers. So why is he wasting his talent and representing the former Bolingbrook police Sergeant?

In an interview over a year ago ,and as a legal commentator, defense attorney Steve Greenberg, who has analyzed the Peterson saga for national news shows--
"The second Savio autopsy is just a different interpretation of the injuries," he said. "The same injuries were documented in the first one, but what apparently happened is it was treated differently because Drew Peterson was a police officer. It's just a fact that authorities at the time took his story and didn't really look into it."
Greenberg said he doesn't expect Glasgow will undercut his own case by running from the first autopsy, however.
"He'll say, 'That was just that pathologist's opinion at the time, but it's really up to you to decide,'" he said. Glasgow will then point to the injuries noted in both autopsies and ask the jury to use common sense.
"He'll ask, 'Do you think that someone who falls in a bathtub would have 17 bruises on their body?"

In my opinion this one is all about the media gravy train. I’ll bet a dozen pair of pantyhose Steven Greenberg has taken this case pro-bono.

Regardless, Greenberg wins either way and has nothing to lose by being part of the already crowded circus act. Wish there was a way to put an attorney on the stand when they make "expert in their opinion" remarks
and hold them accountable. Reminds me of another attorney Mark Geragos.

[For the very latest on the Peterson case visit the trial starts June, 14, 2010]

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Anonymous said...

Susan, looks like you've been visiting Justice Cafe. They researched and found all these quotes from Greenberg a few days ago.

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