Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Your Average Camping Trip?

Susan's Powell's family [the young woman who went missing on December 7th] does not believe their son-in-law, Josh Powell, is capable of having anything to do with his wife's sudden disappearance. Her father has gone so far as to ask the public to stop pointing fingers at his son-in-law, saying "I don't see him capable of harming her."

In this case, as in the majority of situations where "suddenly" a wife and mother is gone, the person with whom the victim is in a relationship is always conveniently not around when the person has gone missing. Where else would a mother of 2 young sons go at 12:30 a.m. when she had to be at work the following day? It is also not unusual for friends or relatives to not know if there are marital problems, as is in this case.

If we look at case it begins with a disturbing red flag. Josh Powell on a work night has a light bulb moment and decides to go camping?

In the middle of the night Josh Powell takes the two children, ages 2 and 4, from their comfy warm beds on a camping trip in freezing conditions? What parent in their right mind does this?

Instead of asking him about the camping trip, both the children should be tested for alcohol and or drugs in their systems. It does not take much to give a young child something, enough to be out of it for the night, it could be as simple as Nyquil cold medicine, then wake up to find they [the boys] who, by the way, are barely able to form intelligent sentences, rise and shine to see daddy's happy face.

[Susan Powell, 28, West valley City, Utah]

The facts: Susan Powell has been missing for a week. She did not take her purse or cell phone.
A plea from a family member for her safe return HERE

Police are asking for the public's help. [Perhaps they should consider giving the make and model of Josh Powell's van -just in case he stopped for gas or someone saw the van pull off a road or parked near a river. Or maybe he and the kids ordered from a drive-thru window or had breakfast at McDonalds.]

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