Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"A Moving Discovery"

Randy Bratschi vanished in 2004 and his remains were found on July 16, 2009 in a town named "Coward," located in South Carolina.

Often, we immediately think of men as the person responsible for killing their loved ones, but that is not always the case. Women also murder their husbands and children.

In Author Diane Fannings book "Poisoned Passion" she writes about Wendi Mae Davidson, a cold blooded killer who murdered former Air Force Staff Sergeant and husband Mike Severance in Texas. Randy Bratschi, a victim of family homicide lost his life, similar to Mike Severance each of these men, too embarrassed to discuss the abuse or know where to get help.

Brenda Bratschi [wife] was finally charged earlier this week with her husbands murder. The police indicate there will be additional arrests in this case. The stepson Frankie Miles, 23 arrested last evening has now been charged in connection with Randy Bratschi's death for with holding information.

According to news sources police say movers were transporting a trailer when they discovered the remains underneath the home. The remains were found on land that had recently been sold after Randy Bratschi went missing in 2004.

If you are a victim of violence and you are a man, please know that you are not alone. There is an organization on the Internet called Men Web who assist men in relationships with violent and dangerous abusers whom are wives and girlfriends.

Here are a few warning signs for you to consider

Do you have that "taking on a macho “I can handle it” attitude. Even if you have been hurt much worse on an athletic playing field, that is not the same thing as being physically attacked by your intimate partner, which hurts emotionally as well as physically. Allowing this pattern to continue can result in depression, substance abuse, loss of confidence, even suicide. (At its worst, It has resulted in death at the hands or a partner or someone induced to kill you by the partner.)

“Men Don’t Tell.” This is the actual title of a fact-based CBS TV movie about male victims of domestic abuse. Keeping silent, (not confiding to a friend, relative or professional) is a common reaction of both male and female victims of domestic abuse; it’s embarrassing. Men typically face a greater degree of disbelief and ridicule than do most women in this situation, which helps enforce the silence. Domestic violence victims make excuses for injuries that show (“It was an accident” or “it happened while playing sports”) when friends or medical personnel ask about them.

Hiding From it. Men often escape a bad home life that they are afraid of by spending extra time at work, staying in “their” space (garage, den) at home, or even sleeping in the car or at a friends place.

Again, I urge you to seek help. Please click and visit Men Web Organization on the Internet.


Emily said...

Great post. With the seemingly increased aggression of women as reported in the media, the issue of violence against men by women will become a bigger problem.

TigressPen said...

We need more men to come forward so such horrible crimes as Randy's death will be few and far between. Wonderful post. I hope men check your site and know, they too, can come forward and discuss what is happening to them.

Burl Barer said...

Thank you for this post. This issue is often mocked or overlooked. I devote a good portion of my forthcoming book, Fatal Beauty, to this issue

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