Monday, December 21, 2009

Bring Them Home

If you were to ask a dozen strangers on what they want for Christmas the response for each person would be different.

But, if you ask a family devastated by the murder of a loved one where a case has gone cold and the family continues searching for the remains of their loved one, you would receive identical responses. PLEASE help us locate the remains of our loved one so we can give them a proper burial. That is all these 2 families are asking for Christmas.

For the former police officers wives like Theresa Parker, who disappeared in Georgia on 3/25/2007, the family would reply "bring Theresa home".

For the family of Stacy Peterson, loving mother, who disappeared on 10/28/2007, and the wife of Former Police officer Drew Peterson, her family and children only ask "to bring Stacy Peterson home'.

The lights in both families homes are burning brightly, twenty-four hours a day in hopes that their Christmas Prayers are answered and these two women are finally found.

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Anonymous said...

A special wish hoping all the families locate their loved one's.

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