Monday, November 9, 2009

"Fire Starter"

Today, my colleague Delilah from the Internet sites Peace4Missing, Mothers are Vanishing and Time's Up discussed how one case in particular fueled awareness and change. That case is Stacy Peterson. All rolled into one here is a case where the person has vanished, she was married to someone in law enforcement, domestic violence was a constant theme, connected a prior wife of Peterson's whom was found dead in a bathtub, a crime scene compromised and a grand jury investigation swayed towards the side of politics by a former questionable State's Attorney whom took an oath of office and buried the truth for any hope of justice in the very soil with it's victim Kathleen Savio.

In outrage over Stacy's apparent murder, sites all over Internet were born. Peace4Missing came out of a need to do more for victims and their families, Where is Stacy, Jurorthirteen, Justice Interrupted, Mothers Are Vanishing, Peterson Story, Levi Page Show on Blog talk radio, Time's Up, Justice Cafe, LostNMissing, Murphy Milano's Journal, We Want Her Found, other sites such as Behind The Blue Wall and a Candy Rose that built an amazing time-line on the entire case.

The cable network shows such as Nancy Grace, Greta, Geraldo, Larry King, Jane Valdez-Mitchell, Dana Pretzer's Scared Monkeys radio, MSNBC and others who in discussing this case brought the issue and its' victims of murder and family violence into the homes of millions of American's.

The books written by reporter Joe Hosey "Fatal Vows"and Stacy Dittrich "Murder Behind the Badge." And the upcomming book "Time's Up" was fueled and written so that victims of violence would have a fighting chance to stay alive while leaving their abusers, to be released in 2010, because of the Stacy Peterson case.

The blogs and social networking sites too many to name written by such sites as the Coalition of Crime Bloggers, Help Find The Missing, Websleuths , Women In Crime Ink.

The Illinois Hearsay law was enacted after Stacy's disappearance.

Thousands of people most whom I have never met, have changed the lives of so many others, all because of one woman, Stacy Peterson.

Think of her someplace directing traffic if you will, from the heavens. She is not sitting on some beach roasting marshmallows or eating dryed out chicken wings. Stacy's voice is finallly being heard and the world is listening.

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