Saturday, August 9, 2008

Precious Angel's Not Likely To Be Found

The world embraces a little girl who will probably never be found. Perhaps, the same fate was also met by Tenton Duckett, a Florida toddler who disappeared under "mysterious circumstances," in August of 2006.

What is disturbing about Caylee's case is the initial 911 calls and Grandma's description of the smell in the back of her daughters car, the "smell of death" according to the woman's words. And the lies well seasoned with continued deception by Grandma, Grandpa and the child's mother.

Is there a black market underground for beautiful children sold to others countries, yes. Could Caylee Anthony have been sold to such a group? The answer is no. And, what about Trenton Duckett is he still alive someplace? Did his mother sell the boy for money? The answer is open for discussion and futher investigation.

As we remember a child only known to us through video's and photograph's, lets not forget those other children who never make the news. They will never celebrate another birthday. And let's remember to ask ...Where is Trenton Duckett?

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Wonka said...

A lot of people are holding out hope that Caylee is stil alive. It is was the child's birthday & as a parent this case is very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn'y any of thr media talking heads or authorities talked about this little boy?

Anonymous said...

The Duckett case has dropped out of the media but I think the law suit agaisnt Nancy Grace is still proceeding

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace in no way shoukd be standing trial for that woman taking her own life!

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