Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Former Officer's Family Calls "Murder" Accidential

Big John Kellis, a retired police officer from Smith County Texas did something really big. And I am not referring to his six foot seven frame.

The former Officer suffered from depression and according to family members, his health was failing him. The real crime is being excused by family members as accidental. You see "Big John" did not mean to murder his wife Gale, it just happened. The gun went off, by accident.

When family members cover up the truth, it does not help anyone.

John Kellis murdered Gales Kellis before taking his own life. The tragedy is two fold. One for the murder victim and the other for family members who through ignorance in wanting to protect a man they love, are unable to come to terms with the bloody truth.

He murdered his wife! news story:

Family reacts as tear gas and another device were thrown into the home where they say their brother, John Kellis, was barricaded.
"We got word this morning that he shot his he was barricaded in the house," said Margaret Grimes, one of Kellis' sister.
It was then three of Kellis' sister rushed to the scene hopeful at the time their brother would come come out alive.
"Johnny please come out...we love you...and nothing is as bad as dying....come out and we can talk," said Grimes.
According to Margaret of Kellis' sister....her brother was having problems with his wife.
They had trouble...she had left...took the truck...and then we don't know what happened after that, said Grimes.
Grimes also tells us her brother had issues with depression, but never thought he would be capable of anything like this.
" shocked us...I mean I just couldn't imagine him doing something like I mean he was pushed to the limit, said Grimes.
It's also a scene shocking many living in this quiet community.
"We all know everybody out here...we kind of watch out for everybody," said a concerned neighbor.
"I was going to go to town for groceries..I won't go now until i see the red lights out," said another concerned neighbor.
In the meantime...Grimes and her two other sisters stood by hoping for the best before it was all over.
"I just lost my mother in law about three weeks ago...and i said...i don't want to have to bury my brother too.
We're told by his sisters...he was a former Jacksonville police officer.


Anonymous said...

You seem to know it all. John was very sick yes the shooting was not intentional as your article says. He never would have done this if he wasnt so sick. Get your facts straight.
Mourning in Texas

Anonymous said...

Retired LE's have the most difficult time adjusting to not being on the job. The suicide rate among retired is very high. Usually out of respect departments as a way of honoring the badge & man issue another ruling when suicide is involved. I'll pray for this brother & his family.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of people who make excuses for the truth. Gayle did not deserve to die. People see & believe what the want. The facts are the facts.

Anonymous said...

Big John Kellis is my grandfather who are you to judge anyone you werent there and you have no idea what happened. How dare you make such statements about a man you dont even know. I hope you go straight to hell.

Carol Kellis said...

For the grandchild of Big John Kellis. If he was your grandfather that means that you are either my neice or nephew.My brother has already been judged by the only one that has any right to judge him.I know in my heart that my brother got forgivness for what he has done and he was about to do. And for whoever you are please don't hope bad things to people going to bad places. I did know my brother for 58 years.No one knows what happened ,but I do know that what he did was very wrong!!!It was not up to him to take anyones life, That is Gods place to do that not anyone else's.My prayers go out to Gayle's Family, Buffy,Gary and the rest of her family.Please don't blame our family for what our brother did.....

Melody Walters said...

I am John Kellis' neice and you have no right saying negitive things about my family. We were told by him that it was an accident and that is all we had to go on untill reports were finished . The media was asking questions before anyone even knew what happened. Our family is hurting also, what my uncle Johnny did was wrong and our hearts go out to Mrs.Gail's family, but you people have made us look like the criminals. He was not an animal and you and the rest of the media should have a little respect for the famililes and not print garbage.

Anonymous said...

Denial is easy. But "Uncle John" made and error it was not an accident he killed Gayle. Maybe this can help others in families. The author of the blog had the same thing happen to her officer family and she didnt point fingers or make judgements she did something about it and made people aware of violence in their homes.
Especially Law enforcement people. Think creating postive from your loss. Wishing people "bad" just plays into the same thing. None of us really knows anyone. Domestic violence happens behind the doors for a reason.

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