Friday, November 20, 2009

"Cowardly Killer's Club"

This past Monday on the associated press wires from columbus township, Michigan beings like this:" If Phillip Parsons was having financial or other troubles, he didn't let on to his friend, Russ Whittaker, as they cut trees or talked about high school sports.

"Great people. Great people," according to a neighbor who knew the now slain family, while shaking his head in disbelief.." Then the article goes on to say "People can say whay they want he was good with the kids"

Please, somebody send me a case of vomit bags! That is what I feel like doing each time I read that a parent, spouse or estranged human being from a relationship that has ended or when a marriage is on the rocks. The story is about a tragedy of yet another family slaughtered. And an abuser's last act of control is to kill what they believe they own. Similar to owning a car, house or weapons.

Such a fantastic all around guy that he shots his wife Gina Parsons, 34, was shot multiple times and found in the couple's bed. Parson's son, Sean, and his wife's son, Andrew Davis, were each shot once and found in their bedrooms. The boys, both 14-year-old high school freshmen. And the wonderful husband and father then killed himself.

Then hours earlier not far from where Gina, Andrew and Sean were disovered in another town over, in the upscale Lakes of Milford subdivision in northwest Oakland County,Michigan police found the bodies of Joseph Peter Valentino II, 61 who killed himslef after murdering his wife, Lucille Champoux Valentino, 60.

When I read a sheriff's comment on both cases, I did not agree with his remarks:
"It would appear that, with the tough economic times, people are desperate and resorting to things such as this," said Macomb County Sheriff Mark A. Hackel. "It's an act of desperation."

In my opinion it is a premeditated act of cold, cowardly power and control. Tragedies can be spun in all different directions. But, the fact remains these cowardly killers had a choice to walk away regardless of what ever they may have been facing in their lives. Or they could have simply taken their own life. It is when they kill the wives and innocent children that defines them as the cowards they were while masquerading as "good loving individuals" on earth.

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randi said...

u know what susan i have been relatively poor during a period of my adult life i have also worked in and live among some of the poorest people. i havent killed anyone i loved and nor have any of the other loving folks that i have known. in addition i personally have noticed that spin when it applies to privileged persons only-- white men.

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