Monday, July 20, 2009

Disturbing Defense of a Killer

On September 19, 2008, 26 year- old Amy Yager was buried. She had been shot by her husband Jeff David Yager. I posted a story on her brief, tragic life HERE. On July 12, 2009, a person who claims to be related to the shooter- posted a disturbing comment below:

brother of jeff david yager "allen micheal bolton" said...
Everyone thinks they knew Amy? Well i lived with her for 3months and you people say David was the controlling one. Hes my big brother but im not gonna make excuses or tell the whole truth because you dumb ass people only believe he is the bad person anyway when you dont know shit. Then people want to blame his family and friends and thats stupid because yall dont know any of us and thats the only reason yall talkin shit. And yall think she was so damn perfect when she was further away from that than anyone I know. She was controlling and cried about every little thing that wasnt the way she wanted it to be. David let her do whatever she wanted no matter how stupid it was and she always got her way. I would not have put up with half the shit he put up with but thats just the kind of person he is. Really I just want to say everyone needs to shut the fuck up and close their dick suckers and if you got a problem with that 3916HWY17 South Millen G.A 30442. 478-982-7791. Ill be waiting.
July 12, 2009 6:30 PM

Obviously, the relative is angry because someone he cared about is in prison awaiting trial for the murder of his wife. A person does not have to display bad behavior in public as we have seen in numerous cases to commit criminal acts. The characteristics of abusers is to be sweet like sugar on the outside and sour the grapes when no one is looking. And friends or relatives are usually the last to acknowledge their loved one is capable of these types of crimes and almost always manufacture an excuse for "what drove this individual" to commit a crime.

I remember the night I found my parents bodies and my father's police detective partner was on the crime scene. The first words out of his mouth were "your mother drove him to this." I looked at the veteran detective who was obviously hurt his best friend and partner was gone and I responded "no one drives anyone to pull a trigger."

I could attack this ignorant person for posting such comments and using inappropriate language, but that is not important. What is important is that this person believes as many close to a killer that the actions of their loved one was somehow justified . That the person murdered in this case Amy Yager deserved what she got, death.

No one deserves to lose their life, no one!

At the end of his commentary the person leave's their information on where to contact him and closes by saying "I'll be waiting." My hope is that he the poster does not go out and hurt someone and receives the help he needs. I think we would all agree, that is certainly where this troubled and disturbed person is headed.


Anonymous said...

My blog is littered with angry relatives such as this one. I've had friends of pedophiles, child porn producers, rapists and killers come and heap abuse and threats on me for daring to write about these kinds of crimes.

Have you noticed the haters have terrible grammar? Almost exclusively!

I have a working theory, the less able a person is to express their anger and hurt, the more violent they are likely to be.

I for one am grateful to you, your blog, your efforts. And I enjoy your style.

Keep up the great work!

allegra said...

In court you see this all the time, family & friends defending or excusing the criminal. Instead of understanding aand taking responsibility for the crime.

Taking a life is the ultimate act and this person should not ever see daylight.

Anonymous said...

You piece of garbage what do you know about David or the type of man he is? Huh come on tell us you bitch your so smart. Blaming a good man there ya go that smart. Dumb bitch.

Antigone11 said...

If this Allen Micheal Bolton is the brother of Jeff David Yager his comment has given credence to the vicious mindset of the men in this family. Anger is one thing, but this post screams that violence, brutality, and hatred abound in the family circle. It leads one to draw the conclusion that this family (or at least two of its members) feel entitled to murder any and all who dare to anger them. Very, very scary!

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