Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magic Jeannie Is Not an Option for Domestic Violence Victims

Jeanie White from Springville, Utah was found dead in a murder-suicide. Apparently the live-in couple had a history of domestic violence. What disturbs me is the fact that police are quick to point fingers at the dead woman. “Not only did she refuse help from a victim advocate, but also would not cooperate in prosecuting the suspect. “ Then in the next sentence it said “there is evidence the victim was trying to leave.”

She did not pull the trigger of the gun, he did. Furthermore, when these types of crimes reach the newspapers why isn’t there discussion on the dangers of leaving an abusive relationship? It is important to note that perhaps Jeanie White was uncertain as to what the offender would do to her once released from jail so at the time of a prior arrest she opted to live a little longer and refuse assistance at that time from a victim advocate. Pressing charges is not always the best option for a woman. She knows her offender and authories are at a disadvantage, they do not. And these cases are not as simple as they may appear.

Law Enforcement and Prosecutors are under the impression that arresting the offender is like a magic Jeannie popping out of a bottle after a crime between 2 people in a relationship that is some kind of “get out of dodge ticket to freedom for the victim.”

So while the authorities are quick to react and blame the victim they should look into directing their energies into implementing strategies that would go a long way into preventing another crime scene.

Effective methods and stratgies in keeping victims alive is what I do. Perhaps the Prosecutors in Springville, Utah can contact me and we can implement life saving initiatives. My email address is :


vawnews said...

excellent, excellent. solutions.

Anonymous said...

Blaming victims is way easier. The article in the Utah paper was confusing and it's a tradegy for everyone. Thanks for bringing it public.

Billie- Jersey shore said...

You are amazing in highlighting real lives and giving an insight into the issue behind the news.

I love the way you write and capture our spirits in the process.

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