Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Controlling Damage on Murder Cases

Stacy Peterson, Kathleen Savio and Lisa Stebic all lived in Will County, Illinois. Each of these women expected the law enforcement community and the legal system to provide justice against their manipulative, controlling and abusive husbands.

In particular, Kathleen Savio was a real life example of what happens as one woman attempts to get the system to listen to their cries for help, especially when married to someone in law enforcement. The public only learned after an interview with Kathleen's sister of all the letters and documentation when Steph Watts and Mark Furhman spoke with Savio's family. Afterwards, police took the documents from the reporters in an effort to minimize and do damage control.
With so many of these women being murdered by their boyfriends and spouses the public continues to not understand why these women remain or why justice is often denied.
Tonight on Justice Interrupted Investigates we will have a police officers wife on the show from Will County, Illinois. A case that mirror's Kathleen's Savio's. In an attempt to keep this woman alive, her real name cannot be used. But, the names of the judges and lawyers who have basically refused to do their jobs as if they have already affiixed their hand to her impending death certificate will be disclosed. Listen and learn how the system costs women their lives.
Tune in Tonight at 11:00PM EST/ 10:00PM CST/ 8:00PM PST

Or you can listen to the re-broadcast just by going to http://www.justiceinterrupted.blogspot.com/: turn up the volume on your computer and the show will automatically play.
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