Thursday, April 9, 2009

Officers Wives Are Casualities in Husband Perperatred Homicide

When Theresa Parker a 911 dispatcher went missing, her story received national attention. It quieted down a bit until Stacy Peterson vanished and then there was renewed interest. But, for several months neither of these cases have received much attention. And my favorite "dickless wonder's" dance and addiction to the media spotlight does not count.

While former Georgia police Sgt.Sam Parker was arrested for Theresa's murder, Peterson remains uncharged. Maybe the Will County State's Attorney can consider turning over this case to a special prosecutor? Or contact the Georgia Prosecutor in the Parker case and ask for tips on how to make a "no body arrest and prepare for a trial."

Sam Parker, a former LaFayette police officer, is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on April 17, 2009. After his wife, Theresa, disappeared in March 2007, Parker was charged with murder. He pleaded “not guilty” at a Feb. 4 arraignment, where six witnesses were called and recounted incidents where they said they were threatened by Mr. Parker or saw him behave violently. Parker will have another court appearance in May 17, records show, and both appearances will be in LaFayette with Judge Jon Boling Wood.

Each woman sought a divorce. Both of their husbands each claim their wives took a mystery trip. They both must have read the undercover detective book " how to dispose of your wife's body without a trace."

The body of Theresa Parker has never been found. And likely, never will.

The body of Stacy Ann Peterson, also has never been found. And likely, never will.

As the grand jury concludes their 18 months of ongoing testimony in the Peterson case(s) within the first week of May 2009, everyone is asking the question will Drew Peterson be charged?

Sadly, I do not have an answer.


Anonymous said...

Great show today. I love how you dpn't mince your words as you apply wisdom mixed in with a bit of sassyness! (not sure if sayyness is a word lol)

God bless you and keep you heathly, strong and safe.

Writer Of Wrongs said...

Yes, time for a special prosecutor. How about Pat Fitzgerald. IMO Kathleen's civil rights were repeatedly violated and the Will County states attorney's office partook in these violations so how can any sensible person expect them to indite themselves or hold an impartial investigation.
Drew has friends in high places. Each has the dirt on the other and thats why nothing will happen.

TigressPen said...

Great post, Susan. Unfortunately, Stacy and Theresa's stories are repeated too many times.

Although these days I am a bit weary of jurors misunderstanding the difference between 'shadow of doubt' and 'reasonable doubt', the only answer is to take it to court without a body and let the jury decide. Circumstantial evidence is what puts many criminals behind bars.

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