Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Susan Murphy Milano Show: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 3:00PM Central Time

Controversy was abuzz when Pastor Rick Warren made the statement that he counsels women to stay in an abusive marriage and try to work things out with their abuser rather than seek divorce. On this show we will hear from a former victim of abuse and a pastor who counsels women and men in troubled relationships. We will discuss how God intervenes to rescue and heal victims and how churches are advising victims to safely resolve the issues of violence in their families.

Tine In: 3:00Pm Central Standard Time 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time

Today's Guests:
Tanya Warrington is a freelance writer with over 50 publications in magazines and anthologies. She was formerly a victim of incest, teenage date rape, spousal abuse, and the mother of children who were assaulted by a pedophile. Her life used to be just about surviving and keeping her emotions as numb as possible, until God rescued her and began healing her. Now Tanya inspires other victims and former victims to pursue living, not just surviving. Her blog,, is a warm and encouraging place where wounded hearts can learn and grow as they share their journeys of healing. She is the author of two booklets: How to Help Her: A Guide for Family and Friends of Abused Wives and Girlfriends and Shining the Light: How Pastors and Church Leaders Can Help Abused Wives.

Neil Schori serves as lead pastor of Naperville Christian Church. Neil has a Master of Arts in counseling from Lincoln Christian Seminary. Over the past 10 years, Neil has served full-time in several pastoral roles ranging from family care and counseling to community groups and assimilation. Just months before her disappearance, Stacy Peterson, called Pastor Schori for an individual appointment. Shortly after she went missing, Pastor Shori courageously stepped forward with information that Stacy confided in him about her knowledge of her husband, Drew Peterson's involvement with the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. We will learn what advice and methods are used in his sessions and how he believes God and the church works with these women during their journey.

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