Monday, March 9, 2009

Stacy Peterson's Billboard

The Photo was taken by the Adminstrator of a blog as it relates to the Drew Peterson case.

In Bolingbrook Illinois off a very busy ramp, with perfect placement is a digital billboard which has been up for almost 2 weeks.

Any news or information that continues to keep this case generating in the media and on the Internet is important.

To date, Drew Peterson continues to walk among us, a free man. But according to Joe Hosey, reporter and author of Fatal Vows his days could be numbered. To read the lastest on the case go to the Peterson Story site, HERE.

Again, any press highlighting the murder(s) of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson or the fact that Peterson is a self appointed dickless wonder whom women find attractive written in this weekends Chicago Sunday Sun-Times by Mark Brown.
This is another reminder, Drew Peterson in my opinion is still breathing. His last 2 wives are not!


Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, "every dog has his day". Although an insult to our four legged friends, in my opinion Drew Peterson is a Dog!
And he will have his day!

Anonymous said...

Why is this case dragging? You hardly hear anything about the legal status in the news. Or if he will be arrested. All you see is what Peterson is doing with his love life.

I worry for the kids. There is no way people can say they are ok.

Delilah said...

For any "normal" perpetrator this billboard might generate some feelings of guilt, not so sure about Drew Peterson.

Thank God, Stacy has not been forgotten and this billboard is in honor of her.

Anonymous said...

Drew Peterson is a repulsive psycho who seeks out desperate frightened women in financial diffeculties to own and exploit.

Typical abuser behavior. I hope someone is watching over the kids.

Anonymous said...

Women are not in the least attracted to Drew. Remember, Drew does the pursuing, based upon his own agenda. Take his latest, Christine. Now there is one sad story and his cup of tea. Alone, dependent, pre-trained in the fine art of "..knowing her place in a relationship.." Drew zooms in on his target like a guided missle. Smart women know better and avoid his type like a STD. Poor Christine and her kids. I hope social services is paying very close attention to their welfare, I doubt it, though. It seems to be OK if the kids live with a man suspected in their mothers death.
The newspapers are always looking for some sensational story to milk.
The Tribune has become a rag and the fact that such a story that somehow Drew is adored by women was a major s t r e t c h
He's wicked and ugly.

Anonymous said...

So now Drew has petitioned the IL Supreme Court to keep himself in control of Kathleens estate.
IMO he is trying to buy himself time by challenging any court rulings which do not go his way. I hope the courts rule quickly so justice can hopefully be served.

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