Friday, February 13, 2009

A Year and a Half Later Bolingbrook Police Still Sleeping on the Job!

The following post is a reprint from a blog on Drew Peterson back on November 8, 2007. To read the current article over at women in crime on Kathleen Savio go to Women In Crime Ink.

The Bolingbrook Police Department never apologized, or as I have recently discovered put a policy for police perpetrated domestic violence.

Perhaps after the Savio family files suit against the Bolinbrook police department for their failure to adhere to the Federal Violence Against Women's Act, The Lautenberg Act and the shear disgreard for the life per the Illinois Domestic Violence Act the Bolingbrook Police Department will be forced to change it's current policy. Oh wait, I meant to say implement a policy- currently, there is nothing in place.

To Serve and Protect clearly was not followed within the rank and file of the Bolingbrook, Illinois Police Department. In failing to do their jobs, they have caused additional casualties. A look away mentality with one or more of their own. A sloppy death investigation. In this tight knit police department many,if not all knew that Drew Peterson was dating and having a relationship with a minor. Kathy Savio had a court order of protection and police had been at their home on numerous occasions.

Kathy Savio was a a sitting duck as Drew Peterson planned her murder. In reading brief remarks made by the late Kathy Savio, red flags, not slowly burning embers should have lead to charges and the ultimate arrest and conviction of Officer Drew Peterson. But, they did not! Why? As it is within too many police departments across the country, blue defends blue. Who defends the lives of the Officers families? Certainly, not the police. Then who can they count on when their cries for help fall on deaf ears and their voice is silenced, forever?


Route 66 said...

The BBPD hasn't been called to task. Now with Kathleen Savio esate being re-opened it might be a way to file law suits next in a federal court.

It is wrong what they did to Kathleen.

Anonymous said...

My concern here is where Stacy's body hidden? When is ISP going to close down this circus. Glasgow was so concerned before the election, now where is he? Why isn't he arresting Drew? Can the State bring in a special prosecutor to mop this bloody mess up?

Huntsville said...

Kathleen Savio like you said back then was a sitting duck. BPD needs to hurt in their pocketbooks. If they did their jobs and arrested Drew- Stacy would be alive todat!

Delilah said...

Drew Peterson talking about a reality show!! Disgusting to think that he will continue to make money off the backs of two dead wives by promoting his lifestyle.,Reality-show-Peterson-fiancee-JO021309.article

Anonymous said...

A civil rights violation for sure.
The buffoonery of Drew Peterson offends every decent person who is witness to it and as long as he is free to do so will go on thumbing his note at the law and being treated as a celebrity.
I hope Kathleen Savio's family sued the ever loving %$#@ out of the entire bunch of these enablers.
The justice dept. should be involved, too.

Bolingbrrook resident said...

The current Mayor of Bolingbrook is up for re-election lets show mhim is not longer politics as usual and vote the in his own pocket mayor out of office!

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