Monday, February 9, 2009

Did an Argument Turn Deadly? Where is Heather Malloy?

Heather Mallory, 4 months pregnant from Portland, Oregon, went missing 11 months ago. The family has offered a $6,000 reward on this case.

Her husband and her 3-year-old son now live in Idaho. Her body was never found, but police think she is dead.
Heather Mallory stayed out all night partying on March 8th and came home to her southeast Portland apartment the next morning.
Her husband, Brian Cole, confronted her about her all-nighter.That was the last known time anyone saw Mallory alive.Cole says she left after the argument.

Police think she’s dead but have yet to find a body. Her car was found abandoned, and her cell phone has had zero activity. Neither has her credit card.Steve and Jeni Mallory—Heather’s parents—talk to police every week hoping something turns up.
While they still have hope, what her parents really want is closure. Cole took and failed a voluntary lie detector after Mallory went missing, but he is not listed as a suspect, only a ‘person of interest. For more information visit Help Find The Missing.

2 comments: said...

Each time there is an argument the woman turns up missing. I am so tired of this and why isn't he a suspect?

I do not believe from all I read the husband assisted with a search or anthing else he solution he moved out of state. Smells very, very bad.

D. Lipton, Spokane said...

I thought there was an order of protection of protection at one time against the husband.

I am sorry but there is not a woman on earth unless she has a mental illiness that takes off and leaves her children.

Something needs to be put in place and ast the high schools safety and abuse must be made a mandatory class like physical education.

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