Monday, January 19, 2009

Is a Kansas City Fireman Responsible For His Wife's Disappearance?

Renee Michelle Pernice, mother of 3 children, has vanished. On an off since 2005, she and her husband, a firefighter in Independce, Kansas have had they share of marital problems.
In 2007, Renee dropped her petition for disolution of marriage, but, was planning on re-filing in 2009.

Renee, a nurse and trained medical professional and loving mother would never, never leave her children. Shortly after she vanished her cell phone was found.

Her husband, Shon Andrew Pernice did not call the police and report her missing. Huge Red Flag #1. It was her father who contacted authorities. The time line of her vanishing act is inconsistant.

Surprise, Suprise, the fireman has lawyered up and is not talking.

Police went to the marital home with a search warrant on Friday. Although no one has been arrested, it is my professional opinion, I suspect the fireman will be charged in the murder of Renee Pernice in the near future.

Words do not seem adequate when a husband and father removes and erases the life of their wife and mother of 3 children, forever.

Another casuality of war on spousal related perpetrated murder is an epidemic. Now, more than ever, a battle plan for survival is the only way out for these women.


Anonymous said...

Shon has not cooperated with police since her father reported his daughter missing. And he killed her dog.

Only a guilty sicko does that!

L. R.,Kansas said...

Shon is a scary monster, always talking about ways to hide a body.
Boasting like he was connected or something.

Prayer's to the kids and Renee's family. This is so hard to believe.

Sr1198 said...

What about the kids are they theur father or relatives?

It does not sound like a good environment especially for children.

Prayers to Renee's family.

Anonymous said...

I saw a comment on a blog - which ONLY could have been made by someone close to Renee - and from the negative tone of the blog - it could ONLY have been made by Shon.

I called the police tonight.

Let's hope that this pans out. Renee - we seek justice for your sake.

Anonymous said...

Not to defend Shon at all but he did not kill her dog. He dropped the dog off at a park and drove away. A detective who was following him then picked up the dog.

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