Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope For Kailyce Requires Your Attention

Presently, the murder trial of Amy Mulllins(pictured left) is happening in Western Washington state, about 20 miles from the capital of Olympia, called Rochester.

Because it is a small town, it will not be coverered on Fox News ,CNN or in USA Today. The only likely place to hear or read anything on the trial is if you head on over to the Juror 13 site and read the most current updates.
This is yet another case, where a man, once married to Amy stands trial for her murder. The couple were seperated and Amy wanted a divorce. The couple have a 15 year-old daughter, her name is Kailyce. (pictured above on the right)

Excerpts from Juror 13: It was a typical Saturday morning, July 21, 2007, with regular chit chat with her daughter. Then it was time for a trip to the laundromat, but, Amy never made it. Her jeep was found in the driveway.

"The dog was in the passenger seat, the keys for the jeep in the ignition, there was coffee in the cup holder and she had her purse in the car," said Kailyce.
The family started calling, frantically trying to find where Amy had gone. Amy's stepmother said it felt like something that you just read about, that happens to other people. "This doesn't happen to your family," she said.
Investigators talked to Steve Mullins that same Saturday. He wasn't considered a suspect at that time.
After speaking with the deputies, Steve called a relative and made comments that led investigators to believe that he may have some information regarding her whereabouts and condition. They soon lost contact with him.

The search was on. Police and search teams combed many areas, including the area that the family went out to search, with no avail.
On the following Monday, July 23, 2007, Amy's family members discovered her body in an abandoned refrigerator east of the property that Amy and Steve had lived on, for almost 20 years.
That same day, Steve Mullins turned himself in to the Grays Harbor County Jail.
Two days later, July 25, Mullins bail was set for $1,000,000 at the Thurston County Superior Court.

According to family members, Steve Mullins told Amy, the night before the killing,"I'll have you in life or I'll have you in heaven."
Mullins told a detective that the circumstances of his wife's death were "like a dream" in which "he was out of his body... watching everything happen," according to documents filed by prosecutors in court. "He said she insulted his manhood, that she put his hands around her throat and that she 'made' him strangle her."
No surprise: His defense lawyer, Eric Pilon has said Mullins has mental problems.

We often do not discuss, consider or take time to reach out to the children living their life without their parent, be it their mother, father or both. In many ways these children who are casualitites of the war on violence in the home are unable to go home every, again. because it no longer exists. When you remove a parent in a violent way from a child's life, it is in my personal opinion like removing ones "country". I mean to say that it is gone. Their lives cannot be repaired or even healed. Because they have had their hopes and dreams ripped from within them.

It nearly 20 years since my own mother was abruptly taken away. I still carry an open wound, that is unlikely to ever heal. People who I thought would be there, were not. Promises to remain in contact, never happened after my parents murder suicide.

Kailyce during this time needs our support and encouragement. If you and everyone else who reads this could take a moment and send her words of prayer and encouragement it will go a long way in this teenager's life. Yes, you will need to take a moment to register on the site. But, your words will lift the life of a child, born into a place for which she had no control.

Now, in the midst of the murder trial of her mother, she is scared, confused and without hope. Show her support by commenting on this blog over at Juror Thirteen. Or maybe contact the radio station and see if the general manager of the Station (email address): can send a word of support out to their listeners for Kailyce Mullins.

Let's give Kailyce some hope!


Delilah said...

I am sickened by another man who chose murder instead of divorce. This young girl needs all the support we can give her.

Cargo said...


Remember your Mom always lives in your heart. She wpuldn't not wish you to be sad. She is in heaven, And she is your guardian angel.

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