Saturday, October 25, 2008

Murder Suspect Represents Himself: Murder of Nailah Franklin

Reginald Potts, arrested for the murder of Nailah Franklin, asked a Judge in Cook County to represent himself in his own defense. Potts stated he did not want a Public Defender representing him in the murder trial.

This is about an arrogant abusive individual who will stop at nothing. In this case he is going for a rather unique play in the courts. My guess is Reginald Potts has studied all his options and he is betting on a mistrial or wiggle room to file an appeal for another trial.

Nailah Franks also deserves justice. A victim of domestic violence, her body burned and left in the Calumet River, discarded because she stood up to an abuser.

I am confident the Cook County State's Attorney will hit a home run when he presents his case in February of 2009.


Anonymous said...

Potts will again be tried and judged by God for what he did to Nailah. I pray for her family and those of us whose lives were touched by this warm, vibrant spirit.

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