Friday, October 24, 2008

The Real Crime in Durham , N.C. of Tekenya Wooten

Police are trying ( information is not even up on the police site) to locate the pregnant 12-year-old girl who has been missing since Saturday, October 18, 2008.

Tekenya Wooten ran away from a group home in Durham North Carolina the address is 3529 Manford Drive. Apparently, this 12-year old child who also happens to be eights months pregnant does not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert, according to a news release issued this afternoon, the Durham Police Department "is very concerned about her welfare and we are actively looking for her. This is a crime and of itself. She is a ward of the State of North Carolina.

She is in double jeopardy. She appears to have no family. And she may have been a victim of crime and the baby is a result of a rape. If so, who is the father of the child? Was a DNA sample taken? Is the father of the child is custody? Or was Tekenya's pregnancy a result of a rape.

Why isn't the Durham children and family services involved in finding her? It is there responsibiliy. They basically, lost her in allowing the child to go to an unsecured facility.

Tekenya, is eight months pregnant, is described by Durham police as a 5-foot-1-inch black female who weighs about 100 pounds. She was last seen with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and she was wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and silver-colored shoes.

It would appear the police are making their own rules up as they go along. This child deserves our attention. Perhaps if she was white and pregnant, living at home more would be done to locate the child. She did not select her circumstances. And it's not our place to judge the situation.

Two people are missing, a child and an almost full term baby. Usually, one does not run away if something is wrong in the first place.

I am asking for everyone who reads this to please send an email outrage of action. Below in blue has been created so you can paste and send out to the media and other email and fax numbers.

Durham Police Department has classified Tekenya Wooten in her high risk condition as a “run a way”. Because of your refusal to place information on your police site about the child and her baby and issue the all points bulletin. You greatly reduce the chances Tekenya will be found, safe. Something went terribly wrong at the group home. Have you investigated the home? Spoken with other residents and staff? A group home is not a warehouse for troubled youth. It is suppose to be a safe place for chilldren who have no family and or have been in danger. A child, pregnant can not be very far. Is this a new way to "profile the less fortunate? Do you even know the circumstances of her pregnancy? This is a life. Treating a child like yesterday's garbage waiting for a truck to pick it up and haul it away is a crime. Please take the time and work to properly ensure media coverage by issuing an Amber Alert in this situation.

Here are some more places to write and call for attention to this case:

News Director Ellen Reinhardt:

Morning News David Horn :

The News & Observer Main Phone #: (919) 829-4500

WRAL:Newsroom: (919) 821-8600 or (800) 245-WRAL

Newsroom Fax: (919) 821-8541
Durham PD -Cheif Jose Lopez, Sr. of the Durham Police Department 919- 560-4322
Durham City Manager- Thomas Bonfield (919)560-4222

Mayor of Durham (919) 560-4333 ext. 269
Durham Child Protective Services (919) 560-8424


Delilah said...

This missing young pregnant girl's story is being told on several blogs and my hope is that it will grow until she is found. Pressure is being put on officials and media to get some answers and I hope they will be positive.

Delilah said...

I found this comment on What About Our Daughters and I feel this may be the next grass roots effort, to get "equality" for our missing! There is another missing teen couple who WERE given the Amber Alert based on "speculation" that the young girl just wouldn't up and leave her home! Come on, people! (of course it was a cute white couple)

There is definite prejudice in the way missing persons cases are treated by law enforcement and the media and it needs to be addressed!

Forget the Amber Alert. The Amber alert clearly does not apply to poor Black and Brown children without press kits. When a system isn’t working for YOU, create your own dayum system. You have the Lakeisha Alert System.

Clearly law enforcement’s slavish devotion to the “Amber” alert system and the media’s abdication of their responsibility to engage in independent news making judgment isn’t working for little Black kids.

So if “Amber” isn’t working for Tekenya, your objective is to make something else work. I know you have media contact info from when you’ve been interviewed. Pitch the story that the Amber Alert system does not work for missing children who don’t come wrapped in a neat little bow with a press kit.

Keep calling folks

Falcon Fan said...

Seems not enough pressure if almost a week has gone by since she left. I do not understand. The state should be seaching foor this child. What about the two girls were were friends can't reca;ll the state but an alert was issued for them.

The child is in danger because she is close to term with the baby and she is a baby herself.

Durham PD needs to do their jobs

Delilah said...

Maybe we can all learn some lessons from this case. Had we not all banded together and put pressure on and given this little girl exposure, would the results have been the same?

Maybe we can save the world one little girl at a time!

From Staff Reports Comment on this story
DURHAM - A pregnant 12-year-old girl who had been missing since Saturday was found this morning in Durham, police said.

Durham police officers found Tekenya Wooten on Gordon Street at about 11:45 a.m. today, according to a news release. She appeared to be unharmed, according to the release.

Wooten was living in a Durham group home that operates as a residential and maternity child care facility. Investigators were treating her disappearance as a runaway case and did not trigger the state's Amber Alert program in this week's search.

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