Thursday, October 23, 2008

Emillie Hoyt: Justice Interrupted in Highland Beach Florida

Emillie Hoyt, a vibrant young woman, has vanished off the face of the earth and her family is desperately trying to find out what has happend to the now, 26 year- old family member.

Just prior to Emillie's vanishing act, she lived in Highland, Beach Florida. According to sources she was engaged to man with whom she lived with at 4229 Tranquility Drive in Highland Beach.

Due to control and abuse issue's with the man to whom was living with and talking of marriage Emillie decided to leave the relationship. And you have probably guessed by now, she was never heard or seen again after January of 2006.

Despite whatever issue's she may have had in her personal life, leaving without a trace was not an option in her world. It could be a convienient excuse for others to dismiss the truth. But facts in this case show Emillie may have met with foul play. And it is likely to have been at the hands of her live-in boyfriend who would rather this entire matter vanish as he would have others believe.

Just a few years earlier, another live in relationship of Emillie Hoyt's fiancee'/live-in died under rather mysterious circumstances. She was a registered nurse from Boca Raton Florida. They too, were heavily involved in a relationship with plans for the future.

The same boyfriend, two women, one deceased, another vanished. It reminds me of the Drew Peterson case. One wife Kathleen Savio, ruled a suicide, then changed to a homicide. The other Stacy Peterson, vanished, without a trace.

Someone knows something. Maybe you know exactly whom I am speaking of, or maybe you were a friend to Emillie. Perhaps you waited on her at a restaurant , or filled a prescription.

All I am asking is for anyone with any information, to please come forward. You do not have to leave your name when calling in a tip. Your call is not traced. There is a Detective with the Highland Beach Police Deparment (information below)waiting for any information on Emillie Hoyt.

Alias: EmmyDate of Birth: Oct. 7, 1982---Missing Since: Jan 2006

Missing City: Highland BeachMissing State: Florida Age: at the time: 23

Gender: FemaleRace: WhiteHeight: 5ft 6inWeight: 110 lbs (aprox)Hair Color: Light brown Hair (other): May be dyed blondeEye Color: BrownComplexion: FairCharacteristics: Tribal tattoos on both shoulders, plug style ear piercings

Clothing: Unknown Jewelry: UnknownCircumstances: The last contact Emillie made with her family was via phone during the Christmas season of 2005. Her last known residence was in Highland Beach, FL. There are unsubstantiated reports that she was in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.Medical Conditions: Bipolar disorderAgency Name: Highland Beach PDAgency Phone: (561) 266-5800Case Number: 0726205 Print a Poster:

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